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Thanks. I've already checked those out. I have blender. It's not wuite what I was looking for.
Does anyone know of some good, simple, 2d(preferably), freeware/cheap gamemaking software for mac. I can't find anything! If anyone knows of something good PLEASE tell me. Thanks!!! Here is an example of something i would like to see made for mac: www.gamemaker.nl (too bad its for windows...)\
I want to see better instruments, more features such as tempo control (throughout the song), and advanced MIDI controls. I'm exied!
hey, For all you GarageBand/Mac music makers, this is the place to go! http://www.macjams.com It is a lot of fun. My name there is: LightTronics ( http://www.macjams.com/artist/lighttronics check it out.
My school just got about 80 new iMac intel core 2 duos to replace the old eMacs. They were about to recycle them when I offered to take them. I already have an iMac intel core duo in my room. Is there any way to link up 3? 5? 10? eMacs to my iMac or something to make a cluster supercomputer. Is it just a matter of a few firewire cables...or rewiring the computers and linking them. Many thanks to ANYONE who has an idea!
I was at the apple store the other day getting a macbook for my brother. I was looking at an iPod video by the front desk when the guy on the computer at the front desk is like HOLY CRAP! check this out! so I went over and he showed me this website. It's the Red Digital Cinema. It goes 12 megapixels per frame. 4520X2540 pixels! It's insane.
What if apple or any computer company just come out with an intirely new kind of computer. One that is like virtual reality or something wierd like that, and all we had learned about done with modern day computers we had to re-learn and figure out. Just like when the computer was first invented. That would suck.
these forums are great, but here hardly even seems like anyone is on it's a while before people will respond to you. are there any other forums like this that are more popular?
I have a website made on powerpoint that is made to link to different slides. does anyone know how to convert it to html to put it on a web host. I tried saving it as WebPage but it doesn't work.
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