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The ownership issue work around would be simple. Upon registration apple sends you a virtual owners certificate. It has a date, username and password associated with it. If at any point you want to sell your ipod you forward this email to the purchaser, and then the new owner chooses a new password. Apple then sends them the new updated virtual ownership certificate. This way you cannot sell something that doesnt legitimately belong to you.
I didnt realize so many people were against the thought of the "big brother" idea. I trust in apple and I think I am in good hands. I do not think they would do anything nefarious with my information. That being assumed, the information stored on an information server which can only be accessed with the username and password of the initial registered user. If both informations ie, username and password are encrypted and are needed to make sence of the ip addy, date, and...
As far as I am concerned if Apple were to only take 1)A log of serial number 2)time & date 3)IP address and NOTHING MORE, I would say yes to this immediately. There has to be balance struck in a case such as this and this option is the lesser of two evils. You have to give a little to get a little and what you get back far exceeds what you give.
My Ipod was stolen 1 month back and I would like to tell Apple so they can flag it as stolen. Apparantly the norm is for them to do...NOTHING.... in cases such as these. It would be so easy to build code into itunes that would allow the ipods connected to it to be tracked. A log of serial number, time, date and IP address should be sent to apple automatically and IF one of those ipods is flagged as stolen or lost then an email sent off to the owner who registered...
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