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Yep, same exact thing happened to my iPhone 6. Hairline scrape about a half centimeter long on the bottom right portion of my screen. No idea how it happened. I dropped it once *after* the scratch appeared but it landed on its back and received very minor nicks in the metal back.
pro tip: Apple didn't design or develop the WWDC app.
Steve would never . . . have let that ugly glass seam run right through the apple logo. Maybe.
Whoa, whoa whoa. Hey AppleInsider - can you guys post a bigger image of the mockup of this alleged new iMac? It looks pretty rad and I'd like to see it bigger . . .
  Apple's customer service does not prove itself in absense of flaws, mistakes, shortcomings. It proves itself when, as always - with all products in the world - human error comes into play.   They correctly estimated the actual seriousness of the flaw/shortcoming/tradeoff with signal attenuation (minor) and responded accordingly:   1. Assuaged customers by extending the return policy and offering free bumpers 2. Informed customers (and the public) that...
What a total Microsoft move.   Insult the 'idiots' who bought your competitors product - and then tell them to buy yours instead   thus proving their original point?!
Companies/Ad firms do this all the time. This is nothing new. It's VERY clear from the video that they're actors. They're practically reading off of a Samsung advertisement. In this case, it doesn't seem like Samsung was trying to represent them as actual people unlike the Microsoft 'Get a Mac' campaign.
RE: The scrollbars Think about this - look just like the iOS scrollbars and they fade out a second after the mouse stops moving. If you want them back, scroll, move the mouse, hit a key. Simple. They get out of the way when you don't need to see them. Sounds great to me.
Honestly, that article seems to be written purposefully to mislead readers to make it sound like a new CONSUMER PRODUCT was coming to the Apple Stores . . . until you clicked on it and read past the 5th paragraph. I read the whole thing and hd to re-read it to figure out what the hell you were saying. It should be a little more clear that its probably a new PROCESS or SYSTEM coming to Apple's RETAIL STORES for use by the EMPLOYEES.
but MY guess is the big reason is to step all over the Android X intro set for June 23rd. I think their strategy for the Android X was just to ignore it and make iPhone 4 how they were going to make it anyway . . .
New Posts  All Forums: