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My copy of Univers does not display correctly in FontBook for Panther. This is a clean install off of my retail CDs. I have re-installed this font from repeatedly with the same effect. I have even tried other foundries' version of Univers This font worked fine in OS9 and in Jaguar. The weird thing is only Normal and Bold are screwed up (the letters are like such: ÅÉÎØÎ etc) And I am talking about Flash MX I am getting massive display problems in flash it self...
I'm tired of wrestling with it to get my fonts to display correctly in Flash, etc. I want it gone. I'll manage my fonts manually until Suitcase is updated!
Restart to check to make sure it doesnt move em around again it seems to have worked. Thanks.
Anyone else getting this? I did a clean install from my retail CDs and it still is doing this. I can 'fix' it by opening the desktop view editor thing hitting 'arrange by name' and then grid (which unchecks name) and then unchecking grid but when I restart, it rearranges them all over again. It's getting really frikkin irritating. I can place them manually - but then it messes em up again when i restart. Why can't I LOCK their positions!!?? Grrrrr.
Flash MX 2004 looks great. They didn't improve the timeline, however. BOOOO!!!!
I'm glad the G5s don't ship with super powered video cards. Because if I want to play games I'll select a better card myself, or get it after-market. Show me a high end PC with a standard config $400 video card in it. Show me.
Look at the motherboard. PowerMac G5 Architecture Two seperate banks of memory - what happens if one processor has more RAM than the other? Does this mean we have to install them in pairs? or is that computer generated diagram apple shows not entirely accurate? augh! It's 1995 again! Edit: ok, i linked the wrong pic. But I'm sure that in the Apple video the RAM banks were in two seperate spots and not one . . .
This monkey's gone to heaven.
hehe Satchmo's post was #970 . . . WHAT COULD IT MEAN??? Oh, sorry. I ruined it.
Since when does Apple ever use F-keys for anything but the most obscure key commands? Yes, I realize this supposedly would be able to be changed . . . Ehhh If this were Panther - where are the "User at the Center" features? If this was a real build wouldnt they want to convince us of that by actually showing those things? Oh well, we have less than 2 days left.
New Posts  All Forums: