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Someone at my kid's school got a new iPhone 6s, then got it stolen. Sad how crook are everywhere.
Bob Iger has said Disney has a priority to preserve the cable bundle. By making it 1 user, he increases the value he gets out of ESPN. Keeping the family viewer subscribing to cable while also getting the light viewers to subscribe too.
For $30, we should expect $30 worth of programming. A fair assumption as online video must be treated equal to cable companies.
Yeah but is using CBS programming rates a good thing? CBS has been increasing their retransmission consent fees and have been in lots of disputes with cable providers over these fee increases.
I think a lot of people don't realize this. The FCC said there would be no new taxes. But by classifying internet provider as telecommunication services, states that tax tangible property can now tax the property of telecom providers which may include wireless spectrum. Also public utilities are taxed higher than regular property taxes. And since the FCC applied light touch to pricing, consumers may be the ones paying the increase.
Content providers don't get their share of the blame for this. HBO, ESPN has raised their prices by a lot. Broadcast TV like ABC, CBS, NBC has charged cable companies to carry their signal.
except for reasonable network management necessary to optimize network performance
Cool, as long as long as iOS does not get rid of disable in-app purchase.
Maybe iOS auto correction?
And the content providers get to sell you what they want. They would have many different ways to package their channels and content based on the value they put on their content.
New Posts  All Forums: