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The scary thought is no going back from IOS 8 to iOS 7 after upgrading. It would be nice is the Apple store had older hardware running iOS 8 to try out.
Bose paid the NFL for exclusive sponsorship. I think that is called capitalist, not communist.
Also, $6 a month is for the "free" broadcast channel. The so-called premium channels would likely be more.
You may recording something incriminating and send it out before they kill you :-) Like that who sent a text message out before allegedly killed by NFL player Aaron Hernandez.
Some people will need to do the iTunes download if they do not have much free space on their device, like those with 16GB (and a video or two).
And yet Apple has version OS X 10.9.2. Oh the confusion.
Numbers with 2 decimal points can be quite confusing.
Just wait until 10.10.1 or 10.10.2 and your issue will be gone and your math teachers will still be right.
 Depends on how much money the deal was going to make for Time Warner. If it made financial sense for Time Warner, there is a chance it would for Comcast too.
Kinda funny. People come here and complain about being tracked by Google, and they are getting tracked and their data collected.
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