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Do you know how to get rid of the iOS 7 that is downloaded onto the phone for those that do not want to update? Anyone else know?
And the physical media is often less expensive too. And it comes with the storage (the disc) so I am not paying for the hard drive storage too.
Similar thing happened to me - I got a "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" for my 1TB Western Digital external drive. Took over a month to re-rip my movies. Thank goodness for DVD's.
Saying it over and over until blue in the face might get him to believe it.
As predictable as the rise leading up to the iphone release. +10 today.
This is true a la carte, pay only for the shows you want.
You don't need to pretend it is sarcasm. It's online here so nobody will really know it's you.
Pretty despicable behavior to try to ruin people's day because you are unhappy with something. Maybe you can get some jollies by chucking some liquid onto the laptop keyboards at the Apple store. Woohoo, bad behavior day.
Technically yes. CBS was allowing TWC to carry its signal while negotiating an increase in its retransmission fees (reportedly from $1 per subscriber to $2), forcing the issue into football season when is would be much more difficult to TWC to lose the channel. For $2 per cable subscriber, CBS isn't looking to enable the app that allows cord cutting.
It is funny that Time Warner has recommended viewers get Aereo to get their CBS.
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