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Just wait until 10.10.1 or 10.10.2 and your issue will be gone and your math teachers will still be right.
 Depends on how much money the deal was going to make for Time Warner. If it made financial sense for Time Warner, there is a chance it would for Comcast too.
Kinda funny. People come here and complain about being tracked by Google, and they are getting tracked and their data collected.
I use Pandora at work because it runs on a browser. I do not have iTunes is not installed on my work computer.
Some people have this... "Install Now"... seems like already downloaded and taking up storage which Apple charges a lot for.
All hell would break loose if any other company downloaded a huge file that cannot be removed onto a customer's phone without their permission.
Do you know how to get rid of the iOS 7 that is downloaded onto the phone for those that do not want to update? Anyone else know?
And the physical media is often less expensive too. And it comes with the storage (the disc) so I am not paying for the hard drive storage too.
Similar thing happened to me - I got a "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" for my 1TB Western Digital external drive. Took over a month to re-rip my movies. Thank goodness for DVD's.
Saying it over and over until blue in the face might get him to believe it.
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