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Whoa, it is ESP.
Because being so pro Apple and anti everything non Apple, you become Apple and you are a winner :-)
We can give school kids tablets. It won't solve tablet thefts, but stealing from kids is easier than stealing mine so it can reduce the chances of my tablet getting stolen.
If they lose money on each unit, won't volume (selling more) mean bigger lost?
As an app purchaser, I wish there was a good way to manage and organize different versions of apps. Wife has an iPad 1 and we try to avoid updates to keep versioning harmony.
That is what you call a sheep.
I am glad I have not updated to iOS 6. I'll be holding off for a while. There is no going back once you update.
Customer relationship means the cable company would need to make as much money as before or no (business) deal.
The tuner would not be customized for each cable company because it would be a QAM tuner. However, the conditional access would be different for each cable company. Apple would have to license it. Or they could just provide their own encoding equipment at the headend which their set top box would know how to decrypt. Some cable systems do that so they can use Motorola and Scientific Atlanta set top boxes on the same network.
Apple (and shareholders) would prefer you pay more to get an iDevice with more storage. Phone company would prefer you use the cloud or Air Video.
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