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Apple (and shareholders) would prefer you pay more to get an iDevice with more storage. Phone company would prefer you use the cloud or Air Video.
California is asking for a sales tax increase in November or $5.4 billion automatic spending cuts to K-12 education goes into effect. If the state really has money for iPad's, maybe they really don't need a sales tax increase.
I wouldn't say zero change to TV. We've gone from analog to digital, added HD, added PVR. Pretty cool changes.
It is not that easy to just replace the cable boxes. Those boxes provide conditional access (security) that goes hand-in-hand with encoder equipment at the headend. This would have to be licensed or there would have to be an separate encryption/decryption solution at each headend.
You can't blame it all on monopoly. Content providers have been raising prices too. ESPN has been paying a lot for NFL and college football. Networks have started to charge to carry the broadcast channel that use to be free. There is a lot of blame to go around to the price increases.
I think someone already has a patent that prevents skipping commercials.
That is fine for Apple to remove their optical drive, just as long as people don't whine about internet usage caps. It comes with the territory (downloads).
No, I would rather have an HD in my iPhone. So by does the question of wanting an optical drive on my iPhone really apply to whether I want it on my iMac? I mean optical drive won't fit in my pocket protector but I kinda still want it.
Yes, definitely my fault if I go the download route. But I just buy the disc and rip to the HD. The disc is the backup and I do not have to pay for the extra HD.
Problem is at first I got a 500GB HD for $100, then it ran out of space and I spent another $100 for 1TB HD. Then another $100 for a 2TB HD. Spending a lot just to consolidate movies that I already own.
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