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That is fine for Apple to remove their optical drive, just as long as people don't whine about internet usage caps. It comes with the territory (downloads).
No, I would rather have an HD in my iPhone. So by does the question of wanting an optical drive on my iPhone really apply to whether I want it on my iMac? I mean optical drive won't fit in my pocket protector but I kinda still want it.
Yes, definitely my fault if I go the download route. But I just buy the disc and rip to the HD. The disc is the backup and I do not have to pay for the extra HD.
Problem is at first I got a 500GB HD for $100, then it ran out of space and I spent another $100 for 1TB HD. Then another $100 for a 2TB HD. Spending a lot just to consolidate movies that I already own.
Steve Jobs made millions on Disney movies on disc so I would doubt he hates optical drives. I am sure he loved optical drives, but he loved getting people to switch to downloads so they could buy the movies again.
Scratch a disc, lose one movie. Scratch a disk, lose all your movies. Woo-hoo/
Because those transcoded movie files take up hard disk space.
If I answered in the survey, I would say yes to an Apple TV at any price just because I would like to see Apple do one.
The rubber banding is cool but is there a way to disable it?
  It should be a choice whether to update or not. There are reason someone might not want to update. Maybe they have a multiple idevices and one of the devices is running older iOS version (4.2) and the app only supports newer iOS version (4.3). Maybe a new version of the app takes up much more space due to retina graphics and they do not have a retina display so no update.
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