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CBS would but they make a lot more money by charging the cable companies retransmission rights to carry its channels (CBS + Showtime). It has been reported that CBS wants $2 per cable subscriber.
Can the lock be overrided by putting the iPhone in DFU mode? Doesn't DFU bypass the OS?
  Retailers collect sales tax for the government but when they don't, the sales tax is suppose to be paid by individuals when we file our taxes. By lying when we file our taxes and not paying these taxes that would mean the shoppers that are not paying are the parasites.
The iPad auto-correction capitalizes it so it must be so.
Yes I do recognize that, the endless complaining.
Oh yeah, much more relevant and useful crap to complain about internet speed, usage caps, Hollywood.
Dial up Amazon and get the blu-ray.
I think the "20 meg connections by now if Hollywood had decided on digital instead of the stopgap that is Blu-ray" was more stupid.
Yes I read the last sentence. Did you? "At least you're open to the possibility that they haven't actually been improving anything at all" [cut and paste]. If they are "no longer rolling it out", they must have started at some point and that would constitute improvement.
You bring up Verizon fiber rollout and you want to throw out some sarcasm about not improving anything at all. Looks like we all need a good start.
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