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Pretty despicable behavior to try to ruin people's day because you are unhappy with something. Maybe you can get some jollies by chucking some liquid onto the laptop keyboards at the Apple store. Woohoo, bad behavior day.
Technically yes. CBS was allowing TWC to carry its signal while negotiating an increase in its retransmission fees (reportedly from $1 per subscriber to $2), forcing the issue into football season when is would be much more difficult to TWC to lose the channel. For $2 per cable subscriber, CBS isn't looking to enable the app that allows cord cutting.
It is funny that Time Warner has recommended viewers get Aereo to get their CBS.
CBS would but they make a lot more money by charging the cable companies retransmission rights to carry its channels (CBS + Showtime). It has been reported that CBS wants $2 per cable subscriber.
Can the lock be overrided by putting the iPhone in DFU mode? Doesn't DFU bypass the OS?
  Retailers collect sales tax for the government but when they don't, the sales tax is suppose to be paid by individuals when we file our taxes. By lying when we file our taxes and not paying these taxes that would mean the shoppers that are not paying are the parasites.
The iPad auto-correction capitalizes it so it must be so.
Yes I do recognize that, the endless complaining.
Oh yeah, much more relevant and useful crap to complain about internet speed, usage caps, Hollywood.
Dial up Amazon and get the blu-ray.
New Posts  All Forums: