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I do. Even though the iPhone photos are much more convenient, I still prefer the quality of the SLR. And I have to get the photos onto iPhoto on my computer anyway.   And website work well because the iPad/iPhone runs of of storage space after a while.
They are building out more. AT&T has announced it is investing billions on their networks. Verizon has spent billions in their fiber deployment so far. It just isn't happening as fast and as inexpensive as we would like.
Why stop there at just one channel? Wouldn't true free market be the ability to pay for just the show I want to watch? If I just want Sopranos, why should I pay for the rest of the HBO shows that I do not watch?   And why would there be a max cost? Free market means free to charge the amount to make a profit, don't buy it if you do not like the price or product. The studio will charge whatever they need to make a profit.
I agree. Unfortunately, some people complain about cable cost and want ala carte pricing without factoring in this part of the cost.
And don't forget the lame hunting and fishing channel too.
Why blame just the cable companies? Disney, HBO, etc. are the ones charging cable companies. And how about the shows themselves? Must the NFL charge Disney/ESPN billions for Monday Night Football for one fame a week?
Exactly. I don't even remember what version of the OS my Mac runs. It is cool for a couple of months of showing off to friends using the cool name, then it's back to getting pissed because TextEdit takes so long to launch because a dialog pops with the iCloud option when I just want to open a local file.
Don't you have to defend a trademark or lose it?  
Existing telecoms pay to retransmit broadcast TV. How is it that Aereo can retransmit without paying while telecoms have to pay? And can I retransmit a signal and charge for it?
I think supporting the retina display mean bigger app, less (storage) space available for other stuff.
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