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I think Apple's initial price was set for the fanboys that would pay through the nose. Once those people paid, the $399 price was adjusted to target the next category of consumers. Apple cares about their customers but they care about their income statement a little more. Apple knows the fanboys will complain but they will spend when the next great product comes along.
The good news is that all the people that have not bought an iPhone yet are much more happy today. Definitely a big motivator for Christmas season.
How about Quicken? At least Microsoft has announced an Intel update.
Firefox. Safari doesn't work well MyYahoo or Yahoo mail. Unfortunately, it is way to much trouble for me to pass on Yahoo.
Seems odd that so many people waited in line and didn't activate immediately? I would think with so much hype and enthusiasm, people wouldn't wait too long to activate.
Could they have used something besides a rat for a movie about cooking and restaurants?
If you believe some of the reports of AT&T paying Apple for each subscriber, then the phones were subsidized, just not to the customer. From AT&T perspective, they paid to Apple instead of the you and I.
Nice, a $599 bonus for Apple employees.
Batteries hold less charge as time goes by, right? Out of curiosity, anyone know what a user going to do if he had to replace the battery eventually?
I won't make a decision until I get to play with an iPhone, see how internet looks on a 3.5 inch screen, read some reviews.
New Posts  All Forums: