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We are bitching and whining out of the way, then we are all going to buy the iPhone. AT&T and Apple knows this. They are hiring extra security, closing ahead of time, etc. And for those that don't buy it at first, there will be some price drop or incentive. So yeah, bitch and whine, then go get your iPhone. Resistance is futile.
Very good advice.
Yeah but I usually get a discounted phone with a cancellation fee clause. Glad to see you are such a defender of the phone company.
Long lines, crowd control, $499, termination cancellation fee, and people have even tried out the device yet. Wow!
The Quicktime link is gone. So are the movie trailers.
> Because it makes no sense to "Maximize" everything. Didn't MacOS 9 maximize to full screen? When did it start not making sense?
Actually 2nd worst argument ever, can't beat the 5 minutes it takes to open up the package. And I do have a DVD player in each room. No HD-DVD but then again itunes doesn't have HD movies.
I guess if you are the type of person that needs to watch movies immediately after making a decision on what to watch and prefer spending $300 for each TV in the house, then Appletv is definitely for you. As versus a person that can decide ahead of time what they would like to watch and have a DVD player connect to their TV already.
Yeah, and I have a Macbook with 60GB of hard disk filling up fast. If I buy a movie from itunes, I would have to find a place to store it, like burn it on a DVD. Burn it on a DVD and not be able to watch it on my DVD player, hmm, I think I will just buy the DVD.
I don't think a rental from Apple will kill off Netflix. People with Netflix already have DVD players so they can rent without having to buy any new hardware, play it in the living room, bedroom, and in the car.It may kill off Netflix for those that can't wait a whole day for the movie to get there and $300 (+ tax) to spend for each TV in the house.Renting from itunes would be nice if I was stuck at an airport or somewhere away from home.
New Posts  All Forums: