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And what is gonna happen when Appletv is in Best Buy displayed side by side with content from DVD players and better devices?
Yeah, unfortunately one would have to be 50 feet away to mistake what was showing at the Apple store to mistake that for HD or DVD quality.
Some people bring their own DVD into the store as part of the process of purchasing a TV. I wonder if there is a way to view ripped content at the Apple store? I guess the consumer could buy Appletv and return it if it doesn't look good enough for the purchaser.
CNET has an Appletv out and it supports what the OP said - "disappointing video quality". Some of the description of the itunes content on Appletv include, "bad analog cable quality", "videos were quite soft, lacking the sort of fine detail". The review pretty much agrees with my assessment of Battlestar Galactica - the dark corridors and exterior space battles found in "Resurrection Ship, Part 2" were muddy to the point of distraction.
I absolutely agree, picture is horrible. Picture is definitely almost VHS or analog TV channel on those Sony TV's. I viewed Incredibles and Battlestar Galactica. I thought the Apple store guy was gonna come over and tell me not to do that (whatever "that" I did to the picture). I just can't believe they show that at the Apple store. I don't think it's the TV because the photos look good.
Unfortunately, Apple didn't release a TV-recording, net-surfing, ... for $3. They released Appletv for $299 which iTunes movies (Incredibles and Battlestar Galactica) looks terrible on the TV. I could not in good conscience leave the movie playing because I felt sorry for the Sony TV. I thought they were going to blame me for what was on the TV. I flipped over to the photos which did look good.
I am not an owner but I went to the Apple store to look at it. Picture quality of movies sucks! Almost DVD quality? Try VHS quality. We are talking about the picture stretched way beyond what it should be. Jagged likes, terrible picture contrast. I haven't seen anything that bad since analog channels on my plasma. First I tried Incredibles, terrible, then Battlestar Galactica, terrible. Apple probably chose Sony Bravia TV just to piss off Sony to have something look that...
Best Buy will be looking forward to selling $150 HDMI cables to get the best picture and $150 surge protectors to protect the valuable investment.
Nothing like a good lawsuit to clear up any mis-interpretation by any company.
Cool. People can buy and return if the picture quality is not good enough.
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