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I am not an owner but I went to the Apple store to look at it. Picture quality of movies sucks! Almost DVD quality? Try VHS quality. We are talking about the picture stretched way beyond what it should be. Jagged likes, terrible picture contrast. I haven't seen anything that bad since analog channels on my plasma. First I tried Incredibles, terrible, then Battlestar Galactica, terrible. Apple probably chose Sony Bravia TV just to piss off Sony to have something look that...
Best Buy will be looking forward to selling $150 HDMI cables to get the best picture and $150 surge protectors to protect the valuable investment.
Nothing like a good lawsuit to clear up any mis-interpretation by any company.
Cool. People can buy and return if the picture quality is not good enough.
I think Apple and the movie studios are gonna milk everyone for all it can get for SD movies before releasing movies in HD.
I have never watched a movie in itunes. How do you format a movie in itunes?
One iPhoto sucks your photos in, you really can't do anything to it except view it unless you are using one of those Apple specific integrated i-apps. It's really more of a repository than an organizer. You will have to export the photo to get it outside of iphoto and use it there.
I am just not an itunes video junkie so I have nothing on my Macbook that should be viewed on appletv. DVD is my preferred media and Netflix is my preferred provider.
Send one my way and I would like it too. Paying $299, now that is another story.
And I have a Macbook which doesn't have too much hard disk storage. iPhoto and Parallels pretty much sucks up all the storage. 2GB per hour leaves enough room for 2 movies, maybe.
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