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Netflix has 8.8 million paying subscribers. Apple has sold 88 million ipods, 50 million TV episodes and over 1.3 million movies. So yes many itunes users but not as many itunes paying users, so there is a ways to go. If anything, I think people are going to keep their Netflix, rip the movie and watch it through their Appletv. All this talk about Appletv, it has gotten me interested in getting an ipod.
Wow, 2GB per hour of video. With my 1.5 Mbp DSL connection, a movie would take almost as long to get to my TV as Netflix. Well, maybe if it was cheaper...
The $299 itself wouldn't scare me away. The $299 for almost DVD quality when I already have DVD quality along with 5.1 surround sound would scare me away. Buying media offered by only one company on a device offered by only one company scares me. What would I do with the movie if Apple ever discontinued Appletv?
If it ain't broke, don't mess with it.
An open mind works both ways. People have pre-ordered it and having even see the picture quality yet. Some people are already ripping DVD's in preparation of the Appletv. Doesn't seem like open mind to me.
There is something wrong with me too. I think Preview sucks and prefer Adobe Reader too.
The lesson in compatibility is wonderful, but unfortunately my experience with a couple of updates (Airport and Quicktime) just doesn't make me very optimistic that everything will continue to work. I'll hold off for a while, thank you.
I installed Quicktime 7.1.3 update and it broke my Casion EXLIM component. Installed Airport update and computer doesn't find wireless connection waking from sleep. If Apple's own apps won't work on a OS one major version prior to leopard, I would be pleasantly surprised if my apps continue to work on the OS with such a big change. I definitely wouldn't rush to upgrade because everything works for me with OS 10.4 now.
Sounds like a major architecture change, wondering if my current programs will still work, might hold off on the upgrade for a while and wait for all the quirks get fixed.
QuickTime component for Casio EXLIM camera still broken.
New Posts  All Forums: