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With x-ray, I can finally see what the heck does it take so long for iPhoto to launch on my Macbook with 2GB of memory.
I drag the file to the desktop, go to the destination window, drag the file from the desktop to the final destination. It ain't pretty but it works.
There should be a big market for AppleTV. Some people that rent and rip will get their money's worth in just a few months.
Try macsales.com, click on hard drives, 2.5" laptop/notebook HD's and click on 2.5" ATA/IDE Laptop drives. Try ifixit.com for step by step instructions if needed.
Yes the programs are available, but how can I seamlessly migrate the data from the PC to the Mac? A friend asked and I couldn't give him an answer. As for iPhoto, I think Picasa is a bit better and free. I really wish it was available for the Mac. Thank goodness I can use Parallels and get the best of both worlds.
It isn't so easy just to change. Say if you want to change from a PC to a Mac, you need new software along to go with your computer. Years of data - Quicken, Turbotax, Word and Excel files. Yeah there are Mac versions, but are the file really compatible on the Mac?
Sure beats those 2 dorks in the apple commercial.
If iLife 06 doesn't work with 10.5, I would sure hate to see if any other Apple or non-Apple applications work with 10.5.
Then how are they gonna pick the movie?
I think some people subscribe to Netflix, rip and play through Appletv.
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