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The idea of being able to play my music or movies here but not there just doesn't sound very appealing to me. I like just being able to put a DVD into the player and pressing play. Also, I like letting my guest pick out a movie they like but I don't want them going onto my computer, even if it is just to pick a movie.
Get the movies you want - when you want to watch them... if you must have the movie immediately, must own movies, plan to replace every DVD player with a Appletv, have lots of hard disk space to store movies, and have high speed internet. How many people are gonna keep Netflix and just rip the movie for Appletv?
I hope they don't bundle everything all together. Who the heck wants to pay so much just to get one app?
DVDFab Decrypter works for me. I was able to rip Open Season DVD running under Parallels when MacTheRipper failed.
For me, none of the apps match Picasa. Good thing I can run it from Parallels via coherence.
Microsoft photo management is pretty cool. How about getting Picasa working on the Mac so Mac users will have more than one application for managing photos?
All this talk about Vista from an Apple site has gotten me curious to try Vista myself to see how good it really is. Might be time to hit CompUSA or something.
I am still using iTunes 6.0.4 because it works well for me. No sense in messing with what works.
Here are some reasons I had to do the past week that I don't consider "desperately need access to". MacTheRipper couldn't rip Open Season, DVDFab Decrypter was able to. Company email via web is more feature rich under Windows. The Squaw Valley ubercam looks better under Windows than Mac. It was very nice to be able to boot to Windows.
I think the answer depends on the person. Some people will upgrade immediately because of a must have feature they must have. Some people will not upgrade because there is nothing they want in the new OS. I didn't upgrade to OS 10.4 until I got a new computer because I didn't have a need for widgets or the 10.4 search feature.
New Posts  All Forums: