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I would be interested in getting one if they get the price down below $100 and make it work for Verizon.
There are some people that don't have an ipod or maybe a nano. I guess they could it onto a DVD and bring it over to the friend's place. That NAS RAID thing sounds like something I would use to threaten my kid when she watched too much TV - turn off the TV or the NAS RAID will get you.
I will have to wait longer to see what almost as good as DVD quality looks like.
Because the physical media works on all my DVD players including the one my kid watches in the car on treks. The physical media also works on all my friends' DVD players when we the kids get together for play dates. Also, the download is gonna be backed up to DVD to free up hard disk space so it ends up on DVD anyway so I just as soon get in on DVD in the first place.
MacTheRipper gagged when I tried to copy Open Season DVD. I have to run DVDFab Decrypter under Parallels to rip the movie. Nice to have that option.
With x-ray, I can finally see what the heck does it take so long for iPhoto to launch on my Macbook with 2GB of memory.
I drag the file to the desktop, go to the destination window, drag the file from the desktop to the final destination. It ain't pretty but it works.
There should be a big market for AppleTV. Some people that rent and rip will get their money's worth in just a few months.
Try macsales.com, click on hard drives, 2.5" laptop/notebook HD's and click on 2.5" ATA/IDE Laptop drives. Try ifixit.com for step by step instructions if needed.
Yes the programs are available, but how can I seamlessly migrate the data from the PC to the Mac? A friend asked and I couldn't give him an answer. As for iPhoto, I think Picasa is a bit better and free. I really wish it was available for the Mac. Thank goodness I can use Parallels and get the best of both worlds.
New Posts  All Forums: