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I just disable in app purchasing.
I didn't see it on Apple's website. I will look again.
iOS 6 Maps doesn't do walking directions, right?
I like iOS 5 maps because I can quickly look up an address and click on the walk icon to show me the quickest path. I just enjoy having that use case. I don't really have anything against the iOS 6 maps, but I won't be able to go back to iOS 5 if I upgrade so I don't mind waiting.
I don't know this is fragmentation but there are some apps that are OS4.3 and above so if you have an older ipod touch that cannot go past 4.2, you need to think about it before updating.
Isn't that why we have a computer?
Really, hundreds of millions? Or was it billions?
  Some guy gets on a packed transit bus after the SF Giants parade, he's playing solitaire on his iPhone. He is so cool, he couldn't put away his solitaire on a packed bus for just a few minutes. Take away those games, music, movies and you can keep your mobile computing.
Apple said 80 percent of their Mac sales were laptops, so maybe they don't even want desktop computers anymore. Maybe in 10 years, desktops will be a thing of the past.
Maybe Apple should go in between texture and flat with every major release and add to the features count for that release.
New Posts  All Forums: