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Really, hundreds of millions? Or was it billions?
  Some guy gets on a packed transit bus after the SF Giants parade, he's playing solitaire on his iPhone. He is so cool, he couldn't put away his solitaire on a packed bus for just a few minutes. Take away those games, music, movies and you can keep your mobile computing.
Apple said 80 percent of their Mac sales were laptops, so maybe they don't even want desktop computers anymore. Maybe in 10 years, desktops will be a thing of the past.
Maybe Apple should go in between texture and flat with every major release and add to the features count for that release.
Yes it is a toy, but a very nice toy. Nothing wrong with that.
Wow, 99%, 100%, selfish, egotistical, outdated and obsolete - I can't argue with that.
This is why I go to the trash and save the app when there is an app update - so I can go back. Once it is gone, it is really gone.
99%? Hyperbole much? Name call much?
With movies, there is a lot to fiddle with even without optical media. The iPad doesn't fit too many movies so there is a lot of juggling with playlists and then syncing, so I understand not being able to take it all with me. I don't do iTunes and the cloud because I have a lot of DVD and Blu-ray, not going to repurchase my movies again nor do I want to switch to another format (downloads). Just going to live in my world for as long as I can.
I was starting to think a little this way until my Mac spit up this "the disk you inserted is not readable by this computer" with my external 1TB HD connected. It took a long ass time to re-rip my movies but those spinning disc was pretty darn good. Sure I can get an external optical drive but with external HD and external optical drive, that thin loses some of its appeal.
New Posts  All Forums: