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If you are going to buy the movie then burn it onto a DVD then figure out how to get it to the TV, why don't you just buy the DVD in the first place?
It's cool if your movies are already on iTunes. Not so cool if your movies are on DVD's (say Netflix), unless you want to do some conversion thing and some other stuff to get the movie onto iTunes. It would be great if there was a comparision between download experience and quality between AppleTV and the Xbox 360.
Maybe another company could release a product called iPod. What good for the goose...
I had a Powerbook G3 Lombard and the cache went bad after 3 1/2 years. I replaced that with a Powerbook G4 12 inch and the LCD backlight went out after 3 1/2 years. I took the laptop travelling a few times.
I've been on Apples support site quite a bit since I got my Crapbook. Problems with trackpad, superdrive, random shutdown.
I think this is a baseball problem. I mean what is the deal with rainouts during the world series?
Amelio took a cookie cutter aproach to solving the problem he inherited - he cut spending. He laid off a bunch of people and froze everyone's salary. He did this as he wrote off a bunch of inventory ($1 billion pre-tax loss) then made a fat bonus as he turned a slight profit the next quarter. He also paid himself well whenever he flew himself around in his private jet. Employees hated him especially since he hate how engineers dressed in t-shirt and shorts. As the top guy,...
chocolate is brown, yuck.
For me, it's the psychological barrier. Extra storage, video capability aside, I just couldn't go over $200 for a music player.
You can resize the photo by exporting the photo and specifying the size. There is no way I know of to arrange rolls alphabetically.
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