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Support IPTC. Allow me to easily add photos to a film roll. Stop creating duplicates of my photos in the modified folder.
If you don't mind watching it on the computer.
Best Buy, Circuit City, Good Guys, bring it on. I could spend hours there. I've never smart enough to think of it as a video game console, I've always thought of it as an Xbox. Hey, I wouldn't get it for the video game thing either, but the HD-DVD is another story.
Looking at the numbers, apparently itunes isn't for a lot of people.
What does it matter what company makes the product? I don't even know what brand my bedroom cheepie DVD player is but the features on it were good and the price was right.
I don't know why you have problems but I get the new releases pretty quickly (I just got done with Cars). If it's a movie I want to watch, it's in my queue, usually top 10, and it comes in that order. Works great. I think I used front row once when friends came over and we all got a laugh, not sure where the remote is now.
I am very happy with Netflix.
I guess people that play movies by mistake should get itv.
2 weeks? Damn, that is some serious procrastinating.
I am a pretty simple consumer, I like the simplicity of putting in a DVD and hitting the play button, but I went to xbox.com and I am thinking about one now. Games, HD-DVD, media center, movie rentals. Time to save up some money now. 24 hours work for me because if the movie if I can't make time to watch it in 24 hours, probably not worth my time anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: