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I do not import from camera because I need to organized the photos so it fits into the right film roll when imported. I've tried to move pictures from film roll to film roll and it's just too hard to do. Sometimes I need to rename the file too. Also, I tag the photos with IPTC data before importing.
I don't know how you do things, but I import my original photos from a folder in the Finder. iPhoto copies it to iPhoto/Originals/ then delete my originals because iPhoto copies my original photos to iPhoto/Originals/. Why is that doing something in the finder causes dire consequences for iPhoto? If that was the case, shouldn't they have hidden the iPhoto folder? Does moving iTunes files around have dire consequences too? Picasa doesn't seem to have this problem.
HD-DVD has cheaper player on the market. It also has better review than the Blu-ray player from the reviews I have read. Of course things can change pretty quickly. iTV just adds another forma as far as regular consumer goes. Nothing says it will win the format war. I can go to a strore and check out the picture quality on the HD-DVD player. Can't do that with iTunes.
Delete the originals because iPhoto copies the originals to the iPhoto/Originals/ folder when iPhoto import the photos. Dragging to existing roll is easy in concept but difficult when I actually do it. There is a small sweet spot which scrolls the photos to the film roll which requires dexterity to manipulate. I have found occasion where it is easier to copy the folder associated to the film roll to the desktop, add new pictures, delete the whole roll from iPhoto and...
Some movies are difficult to back up - they use ARccOS (Google it). The DVD has bad data on it which DVD players ignore.
Try opening a folder with a thousand files in it, then you will see slow or fast spinning beach ball. Dragging and dropping is like an art on the Mac. Open from window, open to window, position windows and move. Unless you like the spriing loaded folders, drag object to folder, wait for it to open, hope your mouse is in the right position for next folder, wait for it, continue. Mac is based on Unix which supposts "mv" so it shouldn't be difficult to do. Probably very...
I think what you are looking for is Picasa which is not available for the Mac. It supports a watch folder - anything you add to the folder get added to program. You can get Parallels to run Windows and run Picasa. iPhoto has a ways to go before it is a good program to manage your photos... When importing pictures, remember to delete the originals because iPhoto copy the photos to it's iPhoto folder or you may run of of disk space quickly. However, if you select and...
Support IPTC. Allow me to easily add photos to a film roll. Stop creating duplicates of my photos in the modified folder.
If you don't mind watching it on the computer.
Best Buy, Circuit City, Good Guys, bring it on. I could spend hours there. I've never smart enough to think of it as a video game console, I've always thought of it as an Xbox. Hey, I wouldn't get it for the video game thing either, but the HD-DVD is another story.
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