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  Why do you pretend you can just teach kids to be gentle with school books?
Yep, and teach them manners, no bullying, no fighting. Utopia.
But books don't break when placed in backpacks and thrown around, typical student use case. Those ipads don't seem to respond so well to the same treatment. And have you ever told a kid to be careful with their stuff? Same for theft. Don't hear much about kids getting their books stolen on the bus. A little different story with ipads.
Or no clothing allowed, total transparency.
Except for those that cannot afford it, where tax payers will subsidize.
It is a bit harder to prevent leaks now, with everyone carrying phones with cameras.
If the barrier is high, what about replacement cost when a student here or there drops one? Kids don't really treat their stuff very well.
  I prefer storing apps on my computer because I can keep an older version of the app. I do not have an iPad 3 so I not want a larger app for retina support. I also have older iDevice that won't run some new apps.
  iDevice means magazine is not free and bringing an iPad along while shopping might result in iPad being dropped which leads back to the no longer available paper magazine
Bummer. I guess that is one magazine I won't be able to read at my dentist office or in line at the supermarket.
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