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No FileVault support because of the way Drobo thin provisions.   No way to rescue your data (without another Drobo) if your Drobo chassis fails.  (Although to be fair to Drobo, many vendors use proprietary RAID on-disk formats.  But many also just use the Linux md driver, which is portable.)
The trick is definitely the content delivery.  If there's anything broken about the current TV experience, it's not the TV hardware at all.  It's the bleeding cable companies, their monopoly channel bundling and their horrific set top boxes; and the content providers with their ridiculously overwrought scheduling to intentionally hide the few gems of entertainment in the wasteland of dross.   Of course the content providers don't want to play with Apple, and they are...
Did I miss something? The AirPort Express hasn't been refreshed in some time. The Extreme was refreshed in the middle of last year. I agree with you that I think it will be a while before we see 802.11ac. Apple may wait to update the Express, Extreme, and wireless adapters in shipping Macs all at once...
Ok, we have a new AirPort Utility. Where is the new AirPort Express?
I would love some news on this front, as well. I have need of an Airport Express as a travel router and I don't want to buy one four weeks before Apple overhauls the innards. It's interesting that Apple is maintaining this product at the same price as the Apple TV; in many ways the Apple TV is the new Airport Express. (Seriously, integrated power supply, 802.11n and wired Ethernet interfaces--the difference is essentially software.) In the meantime I have my $99...
I think the product you are looking for is the Apple Airport Express, although it is considerably more than $39. The Express is due for a refresh, and some rumors indicate one might be forthcoming: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/20...speed-bump.ars One would hope that Apple will also reconsider the $99 price tag, given that the AppleTV does much more! If Apple were to price it at, say, $49, I could see buying one.
Any word on using your own domain with iCloud email?
So... Apple doesn't make a display that works with the Mac Pros they are currently selling?
This will probably get lost amongst the shouting match of the near-religious-war about screen texture. (Disclaimer: I own a 30" matte Cinema Display, made just as the war's first skirmishes were played out, and a 17" glossy MBP, of newer vintage.) If I wanted to connect two of the new Thunderbolt 27"s to a 2009 Mac Pro, I'm assuming the video will work, but I'll need a wide variety of (passive) adapters? Will non-video even work? If so, will the...
Windows 8 my computer.
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