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Exactly!90% of my email is garbage or close to it. I can search easily to find what I want in seconds--why waste time daily editing it clean? And maybe erase something I didn't know I would need...As my grandma used to say: "each to his own said the old lady with 15 browser windows open."
I don't know how much listening is going on--it seems like people just want to argue what they have decided. But people who are complaining about the 6 without really using it do need to calm down. Maybe you are right, it's not for you, But no one is making you get it I was one of the size critics two months ago when the two new form factors were pretty well rumored--no iP6 in the old, smaller format. I complained that I would be getting a 4.7, but not because I was...
Got my case. Got some extra charging cables. Now I got the user's guide. All I need now is the phone!!
I remember how they laughed at the iPhone...
Thanks to everyone who took the time to put their two cents in on my question as to how to deal with "accidentally" ordering a 128GB phone for my wife and a 64GB for me--and how to switch them.First answer, by iaeen, wins. I ended up calling AT&T once the traffic died down and they said all I have to do is activate the big phone with my number and it will all be ok. No SIM switching or IMEI games. They have two lines locked up for another 2 years, that is all they care...
Oh, it's on now! I can't wait to not need PayPal...
I was telling my wife about the tokinization benefits, and she had this question: if you use the iPhone to pay for something at a store, say Home Depot, will they still have a record of your purchase tied to tour name and card? This has been useful for receipt-less returns.
Here's a random question. I meant to order two identical sixes at 64 GB, but apparently, in the predawn excitement I got a 64 and a 128. Of course, the 128 is connected to my Wife's number. Can I just switch the SIMs and then activate as if nothing else happened, or is there more to it than that. (Or is there less--maybe it won't matter at all?)
I found, for whatever reason, that the iOS app worked on my phone, but not on my iPad.  Never got through on my iPad, but I eventually got one and a half from my phone!
Ha.  I couldn't complete my wife's.  I got the old "we reserved one for you but couldn't complete--here is your reservation number" thing.   Time for bed so I can get up in half an hour!
New Posts  All Forums: