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Not really. Vaporware is an announced product that never ships. Apple has no recent history of announcing products that never show or show quarters later.If Apple announces the iWatch the 9th, they will announce a realistic ship date.On the other hand, an early announcement would clearly be an attempt to disrupt the nacent smartwatch sector in hopes of preventing any other company from gaining early advantage during the holiday shopping season...
Well, I'll let you know. The district is rolling out Samsung ChromeBooks to all kids in my district. 3rd, 6th, and 9th graders all get one to keep for the next 3 (4 for HS) years.I am curious to see how it works, though for anything other than typing or surfing I can't stand the things...
I generally use the Kindle app for book reading on my iPad and iPhone. I'm all about Apple, but was already using Kindle when iBooks came out. I've thought about switching over over the years, but didn't want to orphan the dozens (hundreds now?) books I already bought... Guess I'll have to think about it again.
Clearly, the 5.5 is now proven beyond a shadow¬°Actually, I'm agnostic on the debate. I have no interest in the (horribly titled) segment called phablet, but there is no doubt that outside of being "not Apple", Samsung's greatest claim to the general public is big screens on their phone.I will get a 4.7 on opening day because my 4s is limping along and I have been waiting for months to upgrade. I rue that my purchase will be aggregated in with blockbuster opening 6 sales to...
When did they start soldering in the RAM on MacBook Pros? How did I miss this this? Is 16 GB the maximum anyway so user access is irrelevant?
I have seen scads of them. I work in a middle school and they are very popular--not that the kids were dying for them specifically, but the parents aren't springing for the 5s...
Exactly.And those of us who don't live "in market" for our teams.Someone said they wish there were single game options--I expect that will happen eventually. But it will be so expensive that it will seem ridiculous. Personally, not being a fantasy guy, I would love a single team option--it doesn't have to be 1/32nd of the price, I would happily pay half for just 14 games (2 in market when they play the locally).
Seems to me that "computer" should be defined as "anything with a CPU that doesn't run iOS." That way we can be sure that iPads are not unfairly inflating Apple's numbers.(Of course, when counting tablet sales, anything from kid toys to dedicated readers to touchscreen computers should be counted to keep from unfairly inflating iPad numbers...)
I mostly agree with you. I wouldn't mind having the option NOT to store the files on one device (say if my iPad doesn't have storage capacity for my entire photo library). In that situation, having access to the photos in the cloud would be useful. But I agree, my ideal would be having the cloud synching (and backing up) my photos/doccuments and not being the main repository.
I'm still confused about the "photo libraries in the cloud" idea. Will I still have my own physical storage of them, or are they asking me to go all cloud
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