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My 4s is on it's last leg. I have been planning to order as soon as the 6 was announced, but these giant mock-ups have me nervous.But if I wait until I can hold one (and put one in my pocket) there might be a 2 month backlog...Sigh
Yeah. I've used that joke a lot. It helped ease the pain of divesting myself of AAPL... :PI bought at 170 and sold around 550. I was sure it was a peak but the stock continued a nearly vertical accent to 700 before collapsing!
Since everybody is patting themselves on the back for timely purchases of AAPL, I guess I should be the counter-example: Last spring I sold my Apple to buy Windows. . (In my defense, I had tripled my money and the old house needed 20 windows as it was drafty in the winter cold and summer heat. I still have a toe in, but up days make me nostalgic more than happy now...
Yee Haw!!
Yeah, me too. I found the rumors last year (about fingerprint scanners & such) when I was not in the market, to be more enticing than these giant mockups. I wouldn't mind a little more screen real estate, but I don't really want something too big for my jeans...
So, you might say that you've never seen a more wretched hive of scum and villany? 
My bad. I saw that quote, but I misread your post. I was arguing against something you never said...
Yeah, doesn't sound right...I couldn't figure this out at first. Fortunately, there are the internets to give us facts...Moody's did not lower Apple's credit rating, they *assigned* Apple a rating last year. Apple was completely debt free for the best part of a decade, so they did not have a rating at all. As it turns out, they were assigned the second highest rating possible (AA1) despite their enormous cash reserves.Moody's did not lower anything (heck, for fun, go...
Ahhh, that makes sense. Thanks.(I knew I must be missing something...)
It seems to me that during a launch weekend, Apple would be selling a higher percentage of phones through their own channels (online and brick and mortar both) while excitement is at its highest. Is this a fair assumption, or am I missing something? (If that were the case, it would imply that the estimates in the article might not be optimistic enough...)
New Posts  All Forums: