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Ahhh, that makes sense. Thanks.(I knew I must be missing something...)
It seems to me that during a launch weekend, Apple would be selling a higher percentage of phones through their own channels (online and brick and mortar both) while excitement is at its highest. Is this a fair assumption, or am I missing something? (If that were the case, it would imply that the estimates in the article might not be optimistic enough...)
LOL! I was going to say the same thing, but I didn't feel like doing the math... Glad you are on the ball...
When you can't innovate, litigate¡
Exactly.People who go to a for profit movie biopic expecting the cold facts (as if that were possible) are no better than those yahoos who say "Apple is making soooo much profit, they should cut their prices in half so more people can buy their stuff."The reason they made this movie was to make money. I guarentee this. A dramatized documentary of Jobs' life would not grab headlines or make even the top 50 list of grossing movies for the year. (There would also be plenty...
I agree that the coverage is spotty around here--only one bar of LTE in Middletown or Red Bank.  But I did get 5 mbps down and up on my iPad which is nothing spectacular, but better than before.   I assume since they still have not announced coverage for Central NJ they are still building it out and it will improve soon.   I haven't noticed any adverse battery issues, I will have to pay attention to that!
Ok, my iPad is showing some spotty LTE here in Central Jersey. Everybody can relax now, it's cool...
Well...you could read the title and decide if you want to read it...:P
I agree.  I got this offer from AT&T and was sort of insulted...   I'm not sure why the headline uses "supposedly," though.  Seems like many people must have received this offer and it is not like it is a hard to believe deal.  AT&T would love to lock you in for another contract while taking your old phone from you at half its value!
New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation.  They would get a big bang for the buck here--I don't get why there is so little coverage.  Ocean City and Millville?  Big Whoop...
New Posts  All Forums: