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Oh no! Demand for even the Mini is slacking off¡¡¡
You missed the "same time last decade" part...
It's almost like he really believes that MS could have made the Surface before the iPad if only they had wanted to. It's almost like he believes we will believe him. I find this hard to believe...
 Show me a whole year's pan, and I'll be convinced...:)Anyway, this is great news for Apple, though the total tablet sales are much lower than I would have expected for China.
I imagine I will always be partial to the @mac address I have.  They can change these suffixes every year for all I care, as long as my @mac.com always works...
Well, I think MS is selling all those PCs because of momentum resulting from a long term near monopoly on business computer usage, not because of their advertising.
Well, I did say "if it is fun enough."  The Seinfeld/Gates thing was excruciating and the PC hunters series was a little desperate, so neither of those would qualify as positive razzmatazz.   Anyway, in no way did I set out this evening to defend MS!  I feel like I need to take a long shower with some bleach...  I'll drop it now.
LOL!  people are having fun with the different definitions of "cum" here.  Ostensibly, the author was using the word, not as you learned in middle school but to mean "together with."   From TheFreeDictionary.com: Together with; plus. Often used in combination: our attic-cum-studio.
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