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I was telling my wife about the tokinization benefits, and she had this question: if you use the iPhone to pay for something at a store, say Home Depot, will they still have a record of your purchase tied to tour name and card? This has been useful for receipt-less returns.
Here's a random question. I meant to order two identical sixes at 64 GB, but apparently, in the predawn excitement I got a 64 and a 128. Of course, the 128 is connected to my Wife's number. Can I just switch the SIMs and then activate as if nothing else happened, or is there more to it than that. (Or is there less--maybe it won't matter at all?)
I found, for whatever reason, that the iOS app worked on my phone, but not on my iPad.  Never got through on my iPad, but I eventually got one and a half from my phone!
Ha.  I couldn't complete my wife's.  I got the old "we reserved one for you but couldn't complete--here is your reservation number" thing.   Time for bed so I can get up in half an hour!
Well, there have been rumors of limited availability of the 5.5 (or even a late launch date) ever since the 5.5 rumors started.  It is likely that the stock available of pre-sale of the plus was just much lower...
It did that to me, but apparently AFTER it was placed in my cart.  I was able to complete by checking out.Now trying to order the wife's, and I am stuck like you...
4.7 / 64 for both the wife and I. It's killing me.  I've always gone for something extra for myself.  I'm considering 128GB just so mine has that extra umph, but I have no idea what I would do with all that storage...
The markets must like it--AAPL is up over 1% already!¡
I guess the term "fever pitch" won't be questioned anymore...
Any estimates as to when sales will actually go live? Keynote starts at 1:00pm Eastern, so I'm guessing it will be about 2:30 or 3:00 before the Apple Store opens back up. Is that about right? (I want a new phone so bad--it has nothing to do with the size...)
New Posts  All Forums: