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I have a MacBook with the Core Duo 1.83 and the wireless connection only lasts about ten min. I have an ATT 2Wire that has worked perfect with my laptop for over a year, still works great with my iPhone 4 and iMac. My airport card just disappears after about ten min of use. I am on 10.6.4, all updates for everything. I have reinstalled and that didnt fix it either. Restarting will sometimes get the airport to come back. Any ideas?
With all the service issues no one has posted? Someone has to have a bumper case from apple!
my yellow appears to be going away
Anyone have an iPhone 4 with bumper from apple? I feel like I need a case with this bad boy after 12 hrs. Anyone know of any reviews yet?
A very good question that I dont have an answer for. Anyone else?
I would just get one now. Quality will be great, and the phone looks to be near perfect. Getting it when it comes out is half the fun
after the display goes off just push a button on a usb keyboard or usb mouse and it will come back on.
Besides the fact that mine drops its connection, I LOVE it!!! Havnt used a better mouse. It feels premium and looks damn nice too.
I LOVE mine!!!!
Just got this all today. Macbook 18.5 in 16:9 Dell Aluminum Keyboard Magic Mouse With the lid closed it does the full resolution. So far I am loving it. This mouse is tits.
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