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Right-click in the message area and select Boxes or Compact.
Is System Profiler listing your AirPort card under the Network section? If not then this hint probably won't help you. Begin by opening the Network prefpane and near the top click on the Location menu. Select 'Edit Locations...' from the list and in the following window highlight the Automatic location and click the minus(-) symbol. Then click the plus(+) symbol and name the new entry Home or whatever floats your boat. See that Done button sitting off on its own in...
[quote]Originally posted by Mediaman: If this is the truth it's Apples final kick in the teeth for all of us who went out and paid for the beta, then for the final, then paid again for the upgrade. Thanks Apple.[/URL]
Keep in mind that those who bought the beta did get their money back through a discount on the final version. If you didn't use that discount then it's your loss and don't b!tch to us about it. Also keep in mind that for...
www.ihatelinux.com used to point to Microsoft's website.
[quote]Originally posted by EmAn: Did it screw up anyones systems? At the MacAddict forums there are a few people who said their DVD Player isn't working after the update. Can it be a problem like Apple had with iTunes 2?
No. If it were then those people wouldn't have a DVD Player to be complaining about.
[quote]Originally posted by Macintosh: Yes thats correct, I am getting a brand spanking new iPod for $200 bucks! I have a close friend that works for a fruit company. Seriously. Cant wait. Ordeing it on saturday!
This "fruit company" wouldn't happen to be Apple would it? Since Apple employees get iPods for half price and all. /me goes back to playing with his iPod [Chilling]
I know how hard it becomes to keep the boards current with hacks installed. I run my own UBB. That's why I know so much about it's abilities and code hacks. The link for the preview post hack: http://www.ubbdev.com/db/cgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=20&t=000013 I've offered to help install these hacks and keep the boards current but no takers so far. Oh well!
The memberlist isn't a feature, it's a UBB hack created by third parties.
Nothing new, maybe a price drop, maybe.
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