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Amazing how all these analysts know how to run a billon dollar company like Apple. I don't think Apple got where it is now by selling POS devices. As for faith in Wall Street, I think a lot of people are hitting the "delete" key. I see good times ahead and I'm keeping my AAPL
You said it. What happened to function AND fashion? To many clicks and no streamlining of how to get from A to B. Bummer...
To the man...I tip my hat in thanks.
So true. Makes the retina display function practically worthless on iMaps. Small shiner on the eye of Apple. I'll give it time but how much is to be seen. 
I hear that! Don't know about you but I'm very lucky and proud to be shareholder. 
Soooo true. Good post and whoa... that FACU logo takes me back to the 70's man! 
Not cool for those of us who do use the optical drive for our profession. I understand the reason behind the change, but on an iMac, that’s troubling to hear. Having a CD burned for photo archives for our clients is extremely important to us and to our clients. It’s cheaper than spending money on flash drives. Having the “option” to by a CD burner is pure BS. You can say all you want to about cloud backup, but nothing is more secure to a client than a physical CD with...
So true! I see some of the larger screen phones and wonder how in the heck they get that in their jeans pocket and sit without "crowding the boys" if you're a man. Besides, the compactness is perfect for on hand operation when driving and such. No texting though!
Nicely done! Good to watch on the go. Keep it up.
New Posts  All Forums: