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 Belgium was a major center of the Art Nouveau movement. I'd suggest more that Gaudi and this building's architect shared some of the same infuences. (I'd also suggest Gaudi did more with them, but that's another matter.)
I guess they'll present their next big product wearing a rumpled trench coat and holding a cigar.
I wonder how many people are chuckling at a font named San Francisco because they remember the original San Francisco (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco_%281984_typeface%29)? I have to wonder why they feel the need to use the name for something so completely different.
Umm, there kind of are already cellular-enabled iPod touches. We call them iPhones.
 There was a time when it was pretty touch-and-go, you'll recall.
Feel they need to? More than actually do. For example, I'm writing (and surfing -- thank you, TenFourFox) on a 1.33GHz G4 PowerBook. (Last manufactured in January 2005, for the record.) I don't deal much with video, which would be unacceptable on this, of course, but Office and CS3 work fine, and MacTubes renders tolerably for the little YouTube I bother with. Hearing of people complaining they "make do" with their 3-year-old MacBook makes me chuckle.
Between this and Google's evisceration of Motorola Mobility, what a sad end to a proud company that for 50 years was the embodiment of American technological prowess. Their 25-year death spiral was painful to witness.
Red shirts in China mean something rather different from red shirts on Star Trek ("He's dead, Jim!").
Interesting that you can now pay for the late 19th century's highest tech service with the early 21st century's.
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