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Between this and Google's evisceration of Motorola Mobility, what a sad end to a proud company that for 50 years was the embodiment of American technological prowess. Their 25-year death spiral was painful to witness.
Red shirts in China mean something rather different from red shirts on Star Trek ("He's dead, Jim!").
Interesting that you can now pay for the late 19th century's highest tech service with the early 21st century's.
 I've never understood why anyone would publish anything to the entire planet and not bother to read over it to make sure it says what was intended. (Just took 7 seconds to check the previous sentence. It's just not that burdensome.)
 Mountain and ocean vistas I'll have to concede, but the rest are covered, actually, in a dozen inland cities. That they don't know that kind of speaks to my point.
3,700-sq.-ft. home on less than half an acre is worth $500K-$1M in normal parts of the country. When will companies realise the money they're wasting in employee expenses by clustering on the coasts and ignoring the vast (pun intended) majority of the country?
Been a long time gone, Constantinople.... :)
 take the reins, as in steer the horse. Don't be a homophone-ophobe.
 Gee, I thought that was called OS X?  In other words, "What you want to do, Apple, is stop selling those more profitable machines and concentrate more on cheaper, lower-margin devices. Trust me, it'll be great." [sigh]
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