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How 'bout for my Lombard PowerBook (even with its G4 upgrade)?...
Hard to tell: Spending and putting at risk hundreds of billions of public dollars to prop up companies which, thanks their managements' poor choices, would otherwise have failed is hardly capitalism. Sounds more like 1970s Communist Eastern Europe. How did those policies work out for them?
1) Simple errors: It's Margaret, not Margret Thatcher; the possessive is "its", not "it's" (a contraction of "It is"); the plural of "fee" is "fees", not "fee's"; and the blood-sucking creature is a leech, not a leach. 2) Errors in logic: Margaret Thatcher is quite right. That is why the CTA is to be lauded for assembling a deal that simultaneously furthers its goals while affording companies opportunities they feel are worth their investment. Instead of simply sucking...
"It's" is a contraction for "it is"; "its" is a possessive pronoun like "his" and "hers."
Not only do some still have them, but, thanks to digital TV, their recording quality for routine recording is far better than ever before. And it will continue to be the best choice so long as DVRs carry the baggage of ongoing fees.
Except, of course, that Microsoft *wants* and *licenses* manufacturers to install its OS in hardware because it doesn't make any itself. Apple does the opposite. It is not comparable.
Oh, I dunno. I've had some McDonald's I was afraid would last for seven years!
It's the fatal flaw in Microsoft's overall business model. Since their business is built around partners, mostly computer OEMs, how do they showcase their own products without offending or cannibalizing the sales of their partners? Have a shelf of software, Zune and XBox tables, and a wall of keyboards and mouses? Any "ideal" Windows system simultaneously declares other systems "less than ideal". So who chooses that ideal? They could sell off the rights as a marketing...
You must be in Massachusetts or some such state. Or else mean fiancee?
In the years that would follow, Rubinstein -- better known as "Ruby" by his peers -- would take the reigns of Apple's Mac hardware engineer team,... REINS
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