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Except, of course, that Microsoft *wants* and *licenses* manufacturers to install its OS in hardware because it doesn't make any itself. Apple does the opposite. It is not comparable.
Oh, I dunno. I've had some McDonald's I was afraid would last for seven years!
It's the fatal flaw in Microsoft's overall business model. Since their business is built around partners, mostly computer OEMs, how do they showcase their own products without offending or cannibalizing the sales of their partners? Have a shelf of software, Zune and XBox tables, and a wall of keyboards and mouses? Any "ideal" Windows system simultaneously declares other systems "less than ideal". So who chooses that ideal? They could sell off the rights as a marketing...
You must be in Massachusetts or some such state. Or else mean fiancee?
In the years that would follow, Rubinstein -- better known as "Ruby" by his peers -- would take the reigns of Apple's Mac hardware engineer team,... REINS
Oh, puh-lease. I don't even know who should be more offended by this: Windows users, who should be more attractive? MacOS users, who should be more attractive? Less than model-hot computer users in general, who don't deserve to seek a quality computing experience? The only aesthetics that matter here are those of the machines and the commercials' irritating imitation home-video shooting style. (What?! This is really a big-budget campaign?! I had no idea!)
How 'bout, "We're better *and* we're not really more expensive. Here's what they're not telling you...."?
And grammatical stupidity at its finest.
Unless a "lot" is used in its literal sense -- e.g. "I'll stop by the warehouse to pick up the lot of power supplies I bought." -- it is a colloquial substitution for "many" and should be treated as a plural.
Dunno about the Sarah Palins, per se, but a true conservative would want a solid investment that pays off over the long term -- like a Mac. It would be the socialist-leaning one that would want to spread the wealth -- to anti-virus companies, repair shops, imitation-iLife sellers -- whether or not the recipients merit it.
New Posts  All Forums: