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Unless a "lot" is used in its literal sense -- e.g. "I'll stop by the warehouse to pick up the lot of power supplies I bought." -- it is a colloquial substitution for "many" and should be treated as a plural.
Dunno about the Sarah Palins, per se, but a true conservative would want a solid investment that pays off over the long term -- like a Mac. It would be the socialist-leaning one that would want to spread the wealth -- to anti-virus companies, repair shops, imitation-iLife sellers -- whether or not the recipients merit it.
OK, Flypod, maybe. It at least *sounds* like iPod. However, unless they're marketing the stand as the PODD-ium instead of POE-dium, no way. Even if they were, a podium is a stand, and that's what they make. Guess we'll have to wait for the iDais instead....
Hey, iMac, you look great. That Jonny Ive stylin' is untouchable! And those iApps? No one can touch you. You are da *bomb*!(Perhaps you mean complement?)
The problem is that media outlets have cut so many jobs that there aren't enough professional journalists to do all the reporting required for solid stories. They are forced to run with what they can get by deadline, which is usually from the best-produced press release. If you want diligent reporting, it takes time and resources, which "news" consumers are ever more reluctant to allow.
Yes, I believe they do, because the revenue is in the bank from Day 1. The two-year spread is merely a legal requirement for reporting the revenue.
I know it's a Quixotic battle, but I owe it to my mother, the English teacher: The possessive is "its", not it's".
Whether or not that's technically legal, I don't have a problem with your doing that with your personal machines. (The down side, of course, is that you have no right to complain if that software doesn't run right on hardware for which it isn't designed.) For me, crossing the line is deciding to enter into a for-profit business with such activities. That changes your status from iconoclast to competitor, and no company should be compelled to allow its own products to be...
I choose... D: Microsoft feels the heat and starts making a comeback with Windows 7, but Mac OS X growth continues, resulting in a 12% market share 5 years from now, 15-17% market share 10 years from now.
New Posts  All Forums: