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> ... seeks a method to remove automatically downloaded iOS update files %u2014 specifically the new iOS 7 binary %u2014 and $50 in renumeration.... I suspect he wants $50 in remuneration (unless he just wants his binary file scrambled a little).
"The kind of person who wants to use a bad telephone does not exist." Well that pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?
  Odd. That's a pretty big segment of iOS users, isn't it?
I'm all for supporting the latest OS with the latest software; that's why it's there -- to take advantage of. I have to protest, though, developers who first require the latest OS ... and then actually disable their previous versions. They may think they're just encouraging people to upgrade, but those whose hardware cannot run the apps are left in the cold. Those owners understand they can't be included in upgrades for a long period, but don't brick old devices!
  Since when is more clear and more simple less sophisticated? The essence of Apple's genius is making complicated hardware (and software concepts) clear and simple to users. That is an incredibly elegant and sophisticated accomplishment.
  Uhhh, no, Apple's US share contracted 3.3% -- the percentage equivalent of a 0.4 percentage-point drop from 12 percent. Two ways to say it; you missed both.  
  I also don't believe earlier versions of iOS are such a small percentage. Girlfriend's iPod Touch (2nd gen) can't upgrade past v4.0, but it's still perfectly useful. I'm sad it can't be upgraded any further, but not angry at Apple. It's old enough that I understand suporting it would be prohibitive.   What I find truly unacceptable is app developers who disable their earlier versions when they release new apps which require iOS 5 or higher. We've had more than a few...
  Umm, how about stop thinking that the world will stop if you don't have the bleeding edge version loaded for a few days. A once-a-week check is plenty, and, for most people, even checking once a month would be sufficient.  
I still question why this machine needs six Thunderbolt ports. Since devices can be daisy-chained, one would think attaching a single rack or cabinet would much better match the Apple design aesthetic than a tangle of cables out the back.
  No, but I suggest you may be. I see the valley of the slowest AT&T iPhone quarter this year being higher than the peak of the year before's -- a huge leap which shows tremendous growth. The trend line among the seasonal peaks and among the seasonal lows show continued growth, while the Android data show no cyclical swings and no sign of growth. Get a clue.
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