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  Even a stopped clock is right twice a day (unless it's a 24-hour clock, of course).
Originally Posted by AppleSauce007    Why? Incentives to do what? Not sell their shares? You'd think running an insanely profitable company would do that.     Why? Because you want it to be? Not up to you. If you're not satisfied with a stock's gains, the standard protocol, as I recall, is to sell it.       Do they not? Say you and what forensic accountants? You sound like a poor person who says the affluent don't "need" their money and should share some.     "Throw us a...
Mr. Einhorn:     Thank you for your interest in furthering my "shareholder value" by attempting to extort Apple Inc. to issue preferred shares to you, your cronies and your clients. Please be informed that I view the value of my shares in Apple to be derived from the continued good performance of management, which I believe to be reflected in the company's earning more money than it knows what to do with. I shall not be voting my shares in favor of any proposal...
  All in favor of the petition, but can someone say skewed view of society? I have travelled internationally, as have many of my friends and relatives, but I would wager a mathematical majority of my acquaintances have not. Of those who have, it is a rare occasion. This isn't a reason to tout unlocking phone hardware: basic fairness and use of one's own property are.   All this may sound petty, but the argument will not resonate with many millions of Americans when they...
  Well, let's see.... I was late to buy shares in the game (didn't really have money for stock when Apple was trading at $15), but my li'l bloc is already worth 500% of my initial investment (even with the latest hit). I'm not feeling slighted by management.
  ...the current discount ... factorS in...   Subject-verb agreement is 2nd-grade. Accuracy=credibility.   (Not that this seems to apply to analysts, of course.)
  ...given the effect....   It's not so basic as deer and dear, but it's close.
  Yes, but,...     If I have two businesses which together turn a $500 profit, that $500 is 100 percent of my business earnings. Business A's $1,000 is 100 percent of its profits, but this is the result of a different measure. I understand perfectly the theory behind the 103 percent number; I merely question the value of the methodology. I'd suggest using actual words in reporting such a story, such as:   The mobile phone manufacturing industry made a profit in 2012 only...
  Girlfriend's father bought a pile of Galaxy Tabs for the family for Christmas. Some of the grandkids had Samsung phones already and kept them. GF gave it an honest try for a week, then picked up an iPad mini and said in three minutes, "This is so much better." Hands on experience was no comparison. The Galaxy got returned for a mini. I'd bet she wasn't alone this winter.
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