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  All in favor of the petition, but can someone say skewed view of society? I have travelled internationally, as have many of my friends and relatives, but I would wager a mathematical majority of my acquaintances have not. Of those who have, it is a rare occasion. This isn't a reason to tout unlocking phone hardware: basic fairness and use of one's own property are.   All this may sound petty, but the argument will not resonate with many millions of Americans when they...
  Well, let's see.... I was late to buy shares in the game (didn't really have money for stock when Apple was trading at $15), but my li'l bloc is already worth 500% of my initial investment (even with the latest hit). I'm not feeling slighted by management.
  ...the current discount ... factorS in...   Subject-verb agreement is 2nd-grade. Accuracy=credibility.   (Not that this seems to apply to analysts, of course.)
  ...given the effect....   It's not so basic as deer and dear, but it's close.
  Yes, but,...     If I have two businesses which together turn a $500 profit, that $500 is 100 percent of my business earnings. Business A's $1,000 is 100 percent of its profits, but this is the result of a different measure. I understand perfectly the theory behind the 103 percent number; I merely question the value of the methodology. I'd suggest using actual words in reporting such a story, such as:   The mobile phone manufacturing industry made a profit in 2012 only...
  Girlfriend's father bought a pile of Galaxy Tabs for the family for Christmas. Some of the grandkids had Samsung phones already and kept them. GF gave it an honest try for a week, then picked up an iPad mini and said in three minutes, "This is so much better." Hands on experience was no comparison. The Galaxy got returned for a mini. I'd bet she wasn't alone this winter.
  Let us hope Mr. Bicheno is a better analyst than linguist.
> Apple resellers instate broad price cuts.... Instate? Really? Did you dictate this into Siri? She didn't listen very well. Or you don't know any better. Webster's: instate -- to set or establish in a rank or office. Example: The new secretary of the treasury was instated on Monday. Did you perhaps intend to say instituted? Accuracy *is* credibility.
Looks like iOS gained marketshare at the expense of RIM, not Android. Not so. If that were the case, RIM's loss would have been split along the iOS/Android market share proportions from the previous year. That did not happen; iOS picked up almost all of that RIM loss. It's an Apple gain.
New Posts  All Forums: