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  Girlfriend's father bought a pile of Galaxy Tabs for the family for Christmas. Some of the grandkids had Samsung phones already and kept them. GF gave it an honest try for a week, then picked up an iPad mini and said in three minutes, "This is so much better." Hands on experience was no comparison. The Galaxy got returned for a mini. I'd bet she wasn't alone this winter.
  Let us hope Mr. Bicheno is a better analyst than linguist.
> Apple resellers instate broad price cuts.... Instate? Really? Did you dictate this into Siri? She didn't listen very well. Or you don't know any better. Webster's: instate -- to set or establish in a rank or office. Example: The new secretary of the treasury was instated on Monday. Did you perhaps intend to say instituted? Accuracy *is* credibility.
Looks like iOS gained marketshare at the expense of RIM, not Android. Not so. If that were the case, RIM's loss would have been split along the iOS/Android market share proportions from the previous year. That did not happen; iOS picked up almost all of that RIM loss. It's an Apple gain.
Some of that Android traffic is from people like my girlfriend, whose father gave her a 7-inch Galaxy Tab for Christmas. I told her to give it a fair chance to prove itself, which she did ... before we traded it in on an iPad mini.
      The Alan Sherman reference is dead on, but the piece is "Dance of the Hours" from Amilcare Ponchielli's long-winded and rarely performed opera La Gioconda. The dance was also used to great effect in Disney's Fantasia (in the segment with the dancing hippos) and a parody by Spike Jones, which was in turn used as the theme to the original, syndicated (half-hour) version of SCTV.  
or ... iSee
I suspect they're the devout folks who believe people doing a company's day-to-day management should not be on its board. I can't imagine a performance-based reason.
Remember: Saying analysts are "professional" just mean they get paid, not that they're any good.
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