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Yeah, I was simultaneously excited about the project and rolling my eyes at the council's star-struck reaction. Looks like a great plan -- the 80% landscaping is pretty impressive for a site that will hold so many workers -- but there are legitimate questions for a government to ask of any project of that scope. I don't see that happening so long as those council members are giddy because they're in the same room as Steve-O. (Being giddy is fine, I suppose, so long as one...
Convenience. Consumers have always been asked to pay more for any service they can be convinced is a greater convenience. Banks charge for the convenience of ATM access (and some now charge for teller access [!]), and customers shrug and pay. This will be no different.
Sounds to me as though iTunes Match *is* streaming. It doesn't say it copies all that data to your other devices, just that those tracks are available on them. In other words, you're likely paying $25 a year to stream your ripped music across all devices at top iTunes quality. Only items they don't have at the iTunes Store get copied. Not a great deal, then, but not terrible, either.
Is FileMaker no longer an Apple stepchild? Thought Apple owned them, or at least a large percentage of them. Did I miss a spinoff?
He'd say that because he'd spell it aluminium, which apparently is how Americans preferred to spell it until about 1900, when aluminum finally began to win out.
Orders of magnitude are powers of 10, hence anything around a 45 percent increase is an order of magnitude above 4.5 percent.
You have all the facts straight -- the information is required to be published, and reporting it via mass media is legal (local TV stations do it all the time) -- yet you hope Apple impedes the dissemination of legally aggregated information. Of course there don't *need* to be apps for that, but that's not among the criteria, is it? As for Sen. Shumer's assertion, "You agree that it is a terrible thing, and it probably causes death," intentional lying for political gain is...
Come on, folks. The Army is not undergoing testing; the phone is. Editing matters.
No, you get a password -- Hey, that's kind of like an iTunes account password. Huh. -- which is valid so long as you're paying for your subscription. I would be quite irritated at Apple if reading my local paper's reportage in whichever form I choose on a given day requires not just a call to the paper, but a second, online payment just so that Apple can get a cut of my newspaper subscription. That will register to users as simply greedy (because it is), not fair....
Worse in today's comments than usual, so... it's -- a contraction of "it is" its -- a possessive pronoun akin to his and hers
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