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Come on, folks. The Army is not undergoing testing; the phone is. Editing matters.
No, you get a password -- Hey, that's kind of like an iTunes account password. Huh. -- which is valid so long as you're paying for your subscription. I would be quite irritated at Apple if reading my local paper's reportage in whichever form I choose on a given day requires not just a call to the paper, but a second, online payment just so that Apple can get a cut of my newspaper subscription. That will register to users as simply greedy (because it is), not fair....
Worse in today's comments than usual, so... it's -- a contraction of "it is" its -- a possessive pronoun akin to his and hers
Oh, please. If I buy a KitchenAid mixer, am I really supposed to be offended that only KitchenAid attachments work on it? Is that a "very dangerous" kitchen neutrality chokepoint?So would he prefer that uneducated, technically unsavvy people contribute? I don't know about the gender split, but it seems that PhD-earning 20-somethings aren't so bad to have helping you out.
Well, the older I get, the more I see how far consistent, long-term competence can take a person -- or company. What amazes me is how difficult that seems to be for so many businesses. By that standard -- as well as technical creativity, uncompromising design, and engineering perseverance -- Apple is that good.
Well, if they can actually accomplish that, more power to them. Don't think that's wise or likely, though. With a year's lead time, the new iPad will be better engineered than anyone else can recreate in a month or two. They're gunning at a fast-moving target.
I thought quite a while about that semicolon, actually. A comma would leave a run-on of two whole clauses, and so that was not an option. The only choice was to make two sentences. I didn't take that route because I thought the clauses were too closely related. If you'd prefer the two-sentence solution, I couldn't argue. Just personal preference.Silly is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. I think the "L" problem would kick in only in sans-serif faces. Otherwise, the...
I agree about apples and oranges, but not the typo. While Apple's product trademarks call for a lower-case "i" at the beginnings of their names, English calls for capital letters at the beginnings of sentences. I don't care how cool these gadgets are (and, yeah, they're pretty cool), or how influential Apple aesthetics are at the moment; they do not trump centuries of linguistic construction which has a pretty vital purpose: to alert readers to a new chunk of thought....
Although they had my name, address, and phone number, my paper had no further information about me. I paid my carrier (who was a contractor, not an employee) by check every couple months.
Canaries were put in coal mines to give early warning of impending disaster (because they would die before miners if the air went bad). It's as though Mr. Wolf is a Japanese marketer, throwing out English phrases because they sound catchy with no regard to their actual meaning.
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