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You have all the facts straight -- the information is required to be published, and reporting it via mass media is legal (local TV stations do it all the time) -- yet you hope Apple impedes the dissemination of legally aggregated information. Of course there don't *need* to be apps for that, but that's not among the criteria, is it? As for Sen. Shumer's assertion, "You agree that it is a terrible thing, and it probably causes death," intentional lying for political gain is...
Come on, folks. The Army is not undergoing testing; the phone is. Editing matters.
No, you get a password -- Hey, that's kind of like an iTunes account password. Huh. -- which is valid so long as you're paying for your subscription. I would be quite irritated at Apple if reading my local paper's reportage in whichever form I choose on a given day requires not just a call to the paper, but a second, online payment just so that Apple can get a cut of my newspaper subscription. That will register to users as simply greedy (because it is), not fair....
Worse in today's comments than usual, so... it's -- a contraction of "it is" its -- a possessive pronoun akin to his and hers
Oh, please. If I buy a KitchenAid mixer, am I really supposed to be offended that only KitchenAid attachments work on it? Is that a "very dangerous" kitchen neutrality chokepoint?So would he prefer that uneducated, technically unsavvy people contribute? I don't know about the gender split, but it seems that PhD-earning 20-somethings aren't so bad to have helping you out.
Well, the older I get, the more I see how far consistent, long-term competence can take a person -- or company. What amazes me is how difficult that seems to be for so many businesses. By that standard -- as well as technical creativity, uncompromising design, and engineering perseverance -- Apple is that good.
Well, if they can actually accomplish that, more power to them. Don't think that's wise or likely, though. With a year's lead time, the new iPad will be better engineered than anyone else can recreate in a month or two. They're gunning at a fast-moving target.
I thought quite a while about that semicolon, actually. A comma would leave a run-on of two whole clauses, and so that was not an option. The only choice was to make two sentences. I didn't take that route because I thought the clauses were too closely related. If you'd prefer the two-sentence solution, I couldn't argue. Just personal preference.Silly is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. I think the "L" problem would kick in only in sans-serif faces. Otherwise, the...
I agree about apples and oranges, but not the typo. While Apple's product trademarks call for a lower-case "i" at the beginnings of their names, English calls for capital letters at the beginnings of sentences. I don't care how cool these gadgets are (and, yeah, they're pretty cool), or how influential Apple aesthetics are at the moment; they do not trump centuries of linguistic construction which has a pretty vital purpose: to alert readers to a new chunk of thought....
Although they had my name, address, and phone number, my paper had no further information about me. I paid my carrier (who was a contractor, not an employee) by check every couple months.
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