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So he's ceding 20-30 percent of the market? I think Apple would be OK with that, even if they stumble so much. Because of the iPad's untapped versatility and ability to overcome its declared consumer purpose, its sales will be stranger than Mr. Wang expects, but that also offers a chance for more "business-friendly" companies to get their feet in the door. My guess (and it is only that) is that the iPad will stabilize at around half the tablet market. Actually, I think...
Looks like we're comparing Red Delicious and Jonagolds here. Apple had 4.7 percent of the home market? That looks like an overall market share. More confusing when this follows: "Europe [at 7 percent] is quickly catching up". Also, if 4.7 percent/9.7 percent are correct, where do Wolfe's parenthetical inserts of 10 percent and 20 percent unit and dollar share for the U.S. come from? Some clarification would be welcome, please.
From the WSJ article: Mr. Ma said he believes there is an opportunity for LG to catch up in the smartphone market. "The race hasn't started yet," he said. It's fair to assert the race isn't over, but not started? Really? The iPhone is how many years old? How many Android phones are out already? With insight like that, I'm glad I'm not an LG shareholder.
Good for Android, but note that the percentage gain in Android market share corresponds almost 1-to-1 with the loss of Symbian and Windows share. RiM also lost share. Since iOS's share still rose, I'll begin to worry only when Android (or some future system) actually eats away at Apple's business. Since the iPhone by phone standards is already a fairly mature product in comparison to Android, I don't see this as a sea change for Apple. If I were Nokia, though, it'd be a...
No competent board would allow its company not to have a succession plan in place for tragic events, e.g. if the CEO dies in a plane crash or of sudden cancer. If the CEO is liked and successful, he or she should be deeply involved in succession planning. That's not morbid; that's life. Bad things happen unexpectedly. That said, some are holding Apple to a higher standard about making such details public because of Steve Jobs' influence over the company. Were I an Apple...
Odds that "we're not very happy about" how much we'll get paid?
If by "iPod era" one means Apple's unhealthy reliance on a single device for its well-being, then, yes, the iPod era is over. Citing a chart of declining iPod revenue *percentage* as a symptom of decline is entirely misleading, though. IPod sales remain quite strong even as Apple's product line has expanded into other mobile devices; indeed, earnings from iPods are increasing as the product mix skews more to the high-end iPod Touch. Given the iPod-like capabilities of...
An iPhone won't be a tiny bit more -- especially not after AT&T is through with him. The appropriate recommendation is an iPod Touch: most of the iPhone's goodies without the monthly bill.
Yeah: Now our customers have to pay for it. That's really revolutionary.
I seem to remember reading basically the same story about music downloads soon after the iTunes Music Store was created. Over time, though, the sheer scale of the beast has made it progressively more profitable. Despite the huge number of free offerings, the App Store is likely to follow the same path. Five years from now, it'll generate a tidy sum.
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