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In the news business, they're called news briefs for the obvious reason that they're not big enough to stand alone. I appreciate AI's saving me from wasting clicks to links with tiny stories.
As white plastic? Maybe. Otherwise, I'd doubt it. Jobs has always liked offering contrasting basic and pro pairs in the product line, and, so far as I know, the basic MacBook is still selling quite well. Even if another iPod mini assassination were in store, the Air is not a suitable replacement as Apple's low-end laptop.
"Hey, 13.3, you're lookin' fine today...."Complement vs. compliment is elementary school vocabulary curriculum. Sad.
I think Ina's tag line says it pretty well: During her years at CNET News, Ina Fried has changed beats several times, changed genders once, and covered both of the Pirates of Silicon Valley. These days, most of her attention is focused on Microsoft. Probably shouldn't spout off stupid crap when you haven't bothered to check out the information.
You're joking, right? Any business which engages an ever-changing pool of independent contractors pays by cheque (some pay by check, too). One small company I'm involved with has two full-timers -- one of whom handles business matters -- and about 80 contractors. Any solution but cutting cheques would be a colossal waste of time. Unfortunately, thanks to Inuit's careful focus on the customer [/sarcasm], they use QB6 because the payroll system disintegrated more with each...
Any person who agrees with the other news channels would agree with that. Using the general population's beliefs as the mainstream, however, would yield a different conclusion. As for a Fox content deal being a "Pack [sic] with Satan," I'd rather have the option *not* to rent Glenn Beck than not have the option to rent "Bones," "Family Guy," "Fringe," "House," "The Simpsons," or "24."
That is not Gannett's way. Many of the 130 people cut will be content creators, otherwise known as reporters and editors, without whom the iPad will display more blank story templates. Oh, wait, they'll be displaying iAds for the companies in the few stories that remain. I worked for a Gannett paper. These "massive restructurings" occur every few years when a new person with an exciting theory of organization from business school decides that the news operation is all...
So he's ceding 20-30 percent of the market? I think Apple would be OK with that, even if they stumble so much. Because of the iPad's untapped versatility and ability to overcome its declared consumer purpose, its sales will be stranger than Mr. Wang expects, but that also offers a chance for more "business-friendly" companies to get their feet in the door. My guess (and it is only that) is that the iPad will stabilize at around half the tablet market. Actually, I think...
Looks like we're comparing Red Delicious and Jonagolds here. Apple had 4.7 percent of the home market? That looks like an overall market share. More confusing when this follows: "Europe [at 7 percent] is quickly catching up". Also, if 4.7 percent/9.7 percent are correct, where do Wolfe's parenthetical inserts of 10 percent and 20 percent unit and dollar share for the U.S. come from? Some clarification would be welcome, please.
From the WSJ article: Mr. Ma said he believes there is an opportunity for LG to catch up in the smartphone market. "The race hasn't started yet," he said. It's fair to assert the race isn't over, but not started? Really? The iPhone is how many years old? How many Android phones are out already? With insight like that, I'm glad I'm not an LG shareholder.
New Posts  All Forums: