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Canaries were put in coal mines to give early warning of impending disaster (because they would die before miners if the air went bad). It's as though Mr. Wolf is a Japanese marketer, throwing out English phrases because they sound catchy with no regard to their actual meaning.
As someone who has written a few press releases in my day, I see a familiar, old style....
Funny. I don't remember seeing Carly Fiorina in a bikini on Page 2....Twenty years ago, the rumors the Journal ran were about who was going to buy beleaguered Apple. Have you noticed, though, that recent rumors in the Journal have tended to be accurate? That means good sources, which means enterprising reporters. I'm not quite sure what the problem is, unless you prefer Apple's being seen as not worth covering. In any case, the biggest change in the Journal since Murdoch...
So long as you mean by making it permanent!
Of course Steve was fascinated by Sony. They were the model for quality consumer electronics products. Today, though, Apple is the center of creative thought and quality design in its niches of consumer electronics. Apple would have little use for most of today's Sony, which is slogging through the trenches in mature markets against lower-cost competition. Apple will not buy Sony whole. A chunk of it? Maybe, but the parts Apple might want are exactly the parts to which...
So short-sighted if true. I remember Apple's computers' being praised by PC World as great machines on which to run Windows (since, you know, they're great machines). He should at least give his OS a fighting chance. It's also a great, Orwellian rewrite of history, of course, since Microsoft owes its early success to selling Apple software.
In the news business, they're called news briefs for the obvious reason that they're not big enough to stand alone. I appreciate AI's saving me from wasting clicks to links with tiny stories.
As white plastic? Maybe. Otherwise, I'd doubt it. Jobs has always liked offering contrasting basic and pro pairs in the product line, and, so far as I know, the basic MacBook is still selling quite well. Even if another iPod mini assassination were in store, the Air is not a suitable replacement as Apple's low-end laptop.
"Hey, 13.3, you're lookin' fine today...."Complement vs. compliment is elementary school vocabulary curriculum. Sad.
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