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I bought iPhoto and iMovie on September 3 and a refurb iPad mini from the Apple Store on September 15. Should I be eligible or does the refurb mini not count as "new"?
What is the "Open Web Platform"?
Sorry, but I've dealt with enough thoroughly confused, technically illiterate users to know that they can and do mean anything and everything when using terms like "crash." It shouldn't be imprecise, but it is -- so they're right not to use it.
Thank you! I'm baffled by all these comments about "losing" Street View. When did we ever have it??!Now, transit and walking directions, on the other hand... grrr
  Yes, seriously. You see few in the wild not because the design sucks, but because almost nobody buys vanilla music devices anymore. Where are they supposed to go with MP3 players now? You've got the Classic to fill the increasingly irrelevant traditional screen + tactile controls + tons of storage niche, the iPod touch is basically an iPhone, and the shuffle is for the no-nonsense, tiny, out of the way, audio-only, good for exercise crowd. Where does the nano fit in?...
Wait, where does it say it doesn't have discrete graphics?
Disappointed if true. Was really hoping they'd continue to develop the current square design as a wearable accessory for iOS devices and Macs.
I think you're really reaching if you bring Bluetooth headsets or earbuds into the equation. I use BT earbuds and I love them -- and I also know I'm in a tiny minority of iPhone users in doing so. Apple is not going to modify their flagship product because of the habits of a few technophiles. They're also not going to turn the iPhone into an iPad Nano. They want to differentiate their iOS offerings just as they differentiate iOS devices from Macs; they don't want them...
I'm not just talking about the rumor they'd drop it. I'm also talking about the fact that the 17" is almost never mentioned in any of the several rumors regarding the retina MBPs that we've seen since December. There was also a rumor a few months back that the 17" would indeed follow the 15" by a few months. Also, you had made the point that we are a long way away from 17" retina panels (I assume you have some source for that), arguing, wrongly, that that meant they...
Uh, those are the only two major overhauls the MBP has ever had. So yes, "always." I know you want them to keep the 17" and think they should care more about keeping it in pace with the rest of the line than they do about introducing retina displays, but that's wishful thinking, dude. Everything -- past history, months worth of rumors now, its marketshare vis a vis the other MacBooks -- is pointing to it, at best, taking a back seat to the smaller retina MBPs, if it is...
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