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I think the point was and is that Apple has COMPLETE control over the 3rd party products stocked in their online and brick and mortar stores. You want your product to be included in those lucrative places? Comply with minimum packaging standards. Enough said.
Go read the Macrumors site- apparently- the question that has now been asked by at least 4 of us- has been answered there. Yes- you can use the little puck-like accelerometer with any shoe- and Flowbee in the Rumors forum shows exactly how he did it in less than 10 minutes. Sorry- I didn't have anything to say about anyone's use of grammar or percentages- just some news about the Nike+ product. Go figure!
Good question josa- I was waiting for my account to be approved to post the same question. It seems to me they wouldn't be so dumb as to make this thing work with other shoes.....but maybe they did. Two options come to mind- I use New Balance shoes (I find them a million times more comfortable than any Nike shoe)- could I hollow out a hole under the foot pad and stick the puck in there- or even stick it under the laces- and wear it on top of the shoe? Depending on...
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