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Well, it's official. Arnold laid me off today. Just got my letter via certified mail. Big jerk.
It was just one game, but it goes to show you can throw regular season games out the window. I expect the Lakers to come out and really take it to Houston in Game 2. But they have to find an answer for Brooks. No one could guard him in Game 1. If he continues to have big games, that might be the 17 points Houston needs each game to win the series. And get to the rack, Kobe!
That Houston/Los Angeles game was fun to watch. Let the playoffs begin. I wouldn't count out the Nuggets or Magic to make some noise in the playoffs too. Billups has been destroying every PG he's faced the past month. Beating the Magic in a series is also really tough, considering they're never out of a game with their 3PT shooting and have Dwight Howard. Overall, I think this has been one of my favorite playoffs in a long time.
Explain where I got personal?I'm well aware Fisher was a starter. What I meant was Farmar wasn't taking any minutes away from anyone nor did he have a big impact on them winning. Jordan Farmar is not the glue you make him out to be, I'm sorry.And lastly, just checked on Bynum and I was wrong. I was under the assumption he was out the extremely early in the season. I didn't know he went down in February. My error.
Come on, Jordan Farmar? Walton? Their injuries had no fuckin' barring on the season. Ariza and Fisher (shit, even Shannon Brown) filled those spots quite fine. I was talking about key players. If I wanted to include a Brent Barry infected hangnail or a Carl Landry wounded hamstring I could have, but what's the point? Look, there's a reason why they have playoffs. That's why they don't hand out championship trophies to first place teams in the regular season. The...
Bynum doesn't count. And they had everyone except Odom one game.
Come on...the playoffs are different. There are plenty of teams that have swept the regular season and lost a series. Game 1: A legitimate loss, although it was in the first week of the season and McGrady and Artest went 3-22 combined. Any team would lose when two of your big three shoot that poorly. Game 2: Lost by five with a starting five of Yao, Scola, Battier, Wafer, and Alston. Not the same team. Game 3: Rockets were up the entire game until Artest and...
Way too early to declare your championship. Especially since you might not even make it out of the next round... Houston is dangerous when they hit their shots. When they shoot well from the perimeter, no one beats them.
Who are you, again?
What the fuck happened to this place?
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