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Fine so far on an iMac G5(10.3.7). Nothing noticably different.
Now seems to be available through software update.
Has it been withdrawn? doesn't appear in Software Update (10.3.7) and can't find on Apple UK's os x downloads page.
The update only works for the North American version of AppleWorks 6.
Pleasant changes - return to grey inside, the slot loading drive and also the mid range model is 20% cheaper on the Uk ed store than previously. e
Two questions raised, either panther is very slow on G3s or PBG5 is around the corner, e
check your compatibility settings. In Office x, select Preferences from the Word menu, click on compatibility from the list on the lefthand side, then click on recommended options for Microsoft 2000-2002 and x. Then click on the Default button to save the changes to your Normal template, good luck, e
Apple education store for HE (UK) is now showing 2-3 weeks for 15"combo and 6-8 days for 15" SD
Associated Press Monday August 11, 2003 Rio Audio, the pioneer of the portable MP3 audio player, was due to debut a lineup of seven new music players today. Most of the devices - which should begin shipping this month - are sequels, including a 20GB hard drive device called the Rio Karma that will compete against the popular Apple iPod. Another new device, the Rio Nitrus, will be among the first portable players to use a...
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