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It's headline across the entire world news output. Really? Someone is really soakng it up.
Yup. But sell Monday, and buy back cheap on Wednesday.I've been long since 2004, but still haven't had the balls though.
Why would anyone have bought AAPL after June 2 if they were not entitled to the split and end up with 1/7th the value of their investment? Still not making sense.
That doesn't make any sense. I checked my trading account today and all my shares have split.
Why is June 2 relevant? I bought more on June 4 and they all got the x7 split.
Curious why the bezel design is still silver. I much prefer the black bezel on the rest of the line up that makes the screen pop.
The shallow depth of field suggests the shots of the iPhones and the people using them were filmed on a different camera. I'm guessing a canon 5D.
Thx - a quick trip to iFixit confirms that.  I've replaced it, but still have terrible GSM signal.  Any other thoughts?
I was replacing the battery in my iPhone 4 last night when this fell out... I couldn't work out where it came from, and reassembled the phone.  All seemed well, but today I've noticed the GSM signal is very weak, often dropping out completely.       I'm guessing the part might be something to do with the antenna.  Can anyone advise how/where to put it back?   thanks
I Live in the UK, and was going to get a friend to bring an unlocked iPhone 5S when she visits me later in the month as it would save me over £100.   Could I get one of these Virgin Mobile phones and use my own GSM sim? Do Virgin require you buy a month of service before you can activate? Could I use it on GSM networks without activating it with Virgin? Or just get an unlocked phone from Apple?  (Although these appear to be sold as T-Mobile phones, would any of the...
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