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I Live in the UK, and was going to get a friend to bring an unlocked iPhone 5S when she visits me later in the month as it would save me over £100.   Could I get one of these Virgin Mobile phones and use my own GSM sim? Do Virgin require you buy a month of service before you can activate? Could I use it on GSM networks without activating it with Virgin? Or just get an unlocked phone from Apple?  (Although these appear to be sold as T-Mobile phones, would any of the...
I use Mountain Lion screen sharing between my MacBook Pro and Mac Mini on my local network, but it's achingly slow and constantly asks for authentication.  The computers are only about 4 feet away from each other on an 'n' network.  Any ideas why?   thanks.
Thanks Marvin
I've got a decent 6mb upload speed, it's chugging away on Dropbox. Is there an easy way to share a folder though? I'm in London, client is in NYC and rather not mail a drive, guess I'll tell him to expect the files sometime Monday which is ok.
I have a lot of large files I want to share with a client.  I have dropbox but I've got about 150gb of data and would like to save time not uploading and syncing all of it.   Can I set up a folder on my Mac to be shared directly with my client to access the files remotely?   thx
Actually that was a reference to an old ad campaign Harvester ran in the Eighties here in the UK.Although the aspersions remain!
"Have you ever been to a Harvester...?"
The only 'colorway' I'd be interested in would be white/silver but with a black face. Like the old 3G. Because the current black/slate chips and tarnishes like crazy (all my friends' phones look like crap already) but I don't like staring at a white facia.
Analysts lowering projections hopefully means only one thing... AAPL will beat them and reverse the trend of the past 6 months.
It's also marking VIP contacts as junk>!?
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