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Thanks Marvin
I've got a decent 6mb upload speed, it's chugging away on Dropbox. Is there an easy way to share a folder though? I'm in London, client is in NYC and rather not mail a drive, guess I'll tell him to expect the files sometime Monday which is ok.
I have a lot of large files I want to share with a client.  I have dropbox but I've got about 150gb of data and would like to save time not uploading and syncing all of it.   Can I set up a folder on my Mac to be shared directly with my client to access the files remotely?   thx
Actually that was a reference to an old ad campaign Harvester ran in the Eighties here in the UK.Although the aspersions remain!
"Have you ever been to a Harvester...?"
The only 'colorway' I'd be interested in would be white/silver but with a black face. Like the old 3G. Because the current black/slate chips and tarnishes like crazy (all my friends' phones look like crap already) but I don't like staring at a white facia.
Analysts lowering projections hopefully means only one thing... AAPL will beat them and reverse the trend of the past 6 months.
It's also marking VIP contacts as junk>!?
I've been using Mail for about 7 years.  This week it has begun marking emails from friends and colleagues as junk.  They are appearing in my inbox, but marked as junk.   I haven't changed any of my settings.  Preferences are all the same as they have been for years, with filtering enables and the three options for exemption still checked.   What's going on?      
Can someone explain why Apple wouldn't split the stock as they have in the past? I was lucky enough to buy into AAPL back in 2004 before the last 2/1 spit. I really believe a massive 10/1 split now would reset many investors perceptions, if in fact as many commentators here have speculated the recent collapse has been emotionally driven.
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