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MAC filtering is off, DHCP enabled. I have two TiVo boxes using my wireless as well. It does seem to be something to do with the iPhone.
At home my AT&T signal sucks so I'm relying on my WiFi. I have a full signal (the router is right beside me) but nothing is connecting. No Mail, no Safari, no Weather no data services period. Just the spinning circle before telling me the server isn't responding. I tried restarting. Right now I even have 3 AT&T bars, but no E or 3G. It gets stranger because when I use the neighbors wireless (with a weaker signal) the connection works. My laptop is working fine...
that worked, thanks.
I've already restored it to factory settings, what else can I try?
Suddenly my iPhone has lost touch with all my contacts. I can go to Contacts list and see all the names, but attempting to open any of them results in an empty screen except their name. The phone app just show numbers where it had names. I've restarted, reset and restored to factory settings but nothing's helped.
I speak from experience. I had my laptop stolen last year. I had Undercover installed, and the Firmware password enabled and a basic Guest account setup. The thief was unable to re-install the OS but replaced the desktop so my information was removed. He then sold the laptop on eBay and the guy who bought it realized it might be stolen due to the presence of my main account on the log in screen. He googled my name, found my website and emailed me. In the meantime,...
I have a guest log in account enabled with my contact details on the desktop in case my laptop's stolen or lost. I'm trying to work out how to stop anyone changing the desktop picture if it's stolen, by requiring an Admin password but can't find the option anywhere.
Thanks - Remote Buddy looks cool. I want a mini for various reasons - one being a backup mac if my laptop ever goes down since I work from home. And I wanted to avoid the bluetooth keyboard/mouse for expense and cluttering up my living room with peripherals I may only need from time to time. Still would like to get that VNC working though...
I installed the app but can't get it to work. I enabled port 5900 on my wireless router (Belkin) and set up VNC in system prefs but cannot connect.
giving it a go now... I'm planning to get a Mac Mini to sit under my tv as a media server, thus use my iPhone as the remote track pad and keyboard.
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