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My experience of IT departments in EVERY company I've worked at has been the same. They would rather be sat in their caves playing games/surfing the web/tweaking something than sorting out my problems. And these are the ones that actually HAVE Macs! Why on earth would these guys want to create work for themselves?! That's crazy talk.
Funny, I still think the original iPad case was a classier design. The iPad2 felt a bit cheaper. Either way, I'm, surprised they haven't included the metal volume buttons introduced on the iPhone 4.
I'm still a little confused. By reinvesting the profits, are they not removed from taxable income? Also, I've been accruing AAPL for a few years now. What determines whether the shares I sell are those I purchased in 2005 or those I purchased last week?
Can someone explain the tax implications of selling and buying back stock on a short term basis? If was to sell say 100 AAPL today at a profit, then buying 105 back a few days later using all the profits, am I still liable to pay tax on those profits?
How do you buy into an IPO? I have an Ameritrade account - will I be able to buy through that?
Why are iPods still mentioned? The world has moved on, and it's upgraded to the iPhone.
It still works fine in my Mini. But I haven't been able to use it on my MBP since I installed Lion months ago.
The one I've been using for the last 8 years. When setting up my account, I select the .mac option from the list that includes AIM and Yahoo/Google.
Since I upgraded to Lion I can't use iChat on my 2.2ghz i7 MacBook Pro. Simply won't log on. Tried deleting the account and adding it again but nothing. It's a Mac.com account. It works ok on my Mini. I'm up to date with 10.7.2
Would be LED surely....? LCDs are living room fatties these days.
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