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Can someone explain why Apple wouldn't split the stock as they have in the past? I was lucky enough to buy into AAPL back in 2004 before the last 2/1 spit. I really believe a massive 10/1 split now would reset many investors perceptions, if in fact as many commentators here have speculated the recent collapse has been emotionally driven.
Its just on a podium.
Which fonts does iCloud use on this page - is it Arial?  Validate Font shows up duplication as a minor error.   Could this be the problem?
I'm having trouble with my Safari font display.               The problem only occurs in Safari, not Firefox.  It seems to be a problem with Helvetica.  Is there a default font set I can download and replace whatever's corrupted in my current system font folder?
Using a VoIP app like Viber makes me realize how terrible regular cell phone calls actually are. Calls on that sound incredible.
External optical drive. You're happy. They're happy. We're happy.
My experience of IT departments in EVERY company I've worked at has been the same. They would rather be sat in their caves playing games/surfing the web/tweaking something than sorting out my problems. And these are the ones that actually HAVE Macs! Why on earth would these guys want to create work for themselves?! That's crazy talk.
Funny, I still think the original iPad case was a classier design. The iPad2 felt a bit cheaper. Either way, I'm, surprised they haven't included the metal volume buttons introduced on the iPhone 4.
I'm still a little confused. By reinvesting the profits, are they not removed from taxable income? Also, I've been accruing AAPL for a few years now. What determines whether the shares I sell are those I purchased in 2005 or those I purchased last week?
Can someone explain the tax implications of selling and buying back stock on a short term basis? If was to sell say 100 AAPL today at a profit, then buying 105 back a few days later using all the profits, am I still liable to pay tax on those profits?
New Posts  All Forums: