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I'm still a little confused. By reinvesting the profits, are they not removed from taxable income? Also, I've been accruing AAPL for a few years now. What determines whether the shares I sell are those I purchased in 2005 or those I purchased last week?
Can someone explain the tax implications of selling and buying back stock on a short term basis? If was to sell say 100 AAPL today at a profit, then buying 105 back a few days later using all the profits, am I still liable to pay tax on those profits?
How do you buy into an IPO? I have an Ameritrade account - will I be able to buy through that?
Why are iPods still mentioned? The world has moved on, and it's upgraded to the iPhone.
It still works fine in my Mini. But I haven't been able to use it on my MBP since I installed Lion months ago.
The one I've been using for the last 8 years. When setting up my account, I select the .mac option from the list that includes AIM and Yahoo/Google.
Since I upgraded to Lion I can't use iChat on my 2.2ghz i7 MacBook Pro. Simply won't log on. Tried deleting the account and adding it again but nothing. It's a Mac.com account. It works ok on my Mini. I'm up to date with 10.7.2
Would be LED surely....? LCDs are living room fatties these days.
How do I set up Screen Sharing so I can log into my Mac Mini at home when I'm on my MacBook Pro at work? I can easily do it when both computers are on the same local network, but can't work it out from longer distances...
Siri. It could be a hybrid microphone/speaker.
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