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No external display.
Same result unfortunately.
My sort settings are already 'none' but I still have the issue.
More Lion issues - when I restart, all the icons on my desktop reset to the right side. I move them back to where I want them, but they reset again next time I restart.
Well, have deleted all the duplicates and checked for corruptions. However, still no better. When I copy and paste the corrupt font into TextEdit, it shows as Helvetica Neue Italic. I've checked the font in FontAgentPro and it appears to be ok.
When I do, I get 'no duplicate fonts found'. Tried validating Web fonts, and I see problems with some. Also, there's Ariel Black and Ariel Black.ttf (which has a problem alert) - could the .ttf file be the problem?
switching sharing off and on and rebooting seems to have helped. Thanks!
sure. It happens on only a few pages on my newer MBP. But on my older MPB it's everywhere - even the Google search page. Yet both machines are running the same OS version.http://homepage.mac.com/jasonfj/ScreenShot.png
tried that and got 'Your system already contains the standard system fonts and no others. No changes made.' problem still there.
yes, both on 10.7.1
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