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Same result unfortunately.
My sort settings are already 'none' but I still have the issue.
More Lion issues - when I restart, all the icons on my desktop reset to the right side. I move them back to where I want them, but they reset again next time I restart.
Well, have deleted all the duplicates and checked for corruptions. However, still no better. When I copy and paste the corrupt font into TextEdit, it shows as Helvetica Neue Italic. I've checked the font in FontAgentPro and it appears to be ok.
When I do, I get 'no duplicate fonts found'. Tried validating Web fonts, and I see problems with some. Also, there's Ariel Black and Ariel Black.ttf (which has a problem alert) - could the .ttf file be the problem?
switching sharing off and on and rebooting seems to have helped. Thanks!
sure. It happens on only a few pages on my newer MBP. But on my older MPB it's everywhere - even the Google search page. Yet both machines are running the same OS version.http://homepage.mac.com/jasonfj/ScreenShot.png
tried that and got 'Your system already contains the standard system fonts and no others. No changes made.' problem still there.
yes, both on 10.7.1
Since I installed Lion, Screen Sharing is so slow it's practically unusable. On my local WiFi network, it feels like dialup. Cursor disappears, incredibly slow response time. It was working fine on Snow Leopard. Anyone else noticed this?
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